Age Demands Action on Health: What's happening?

Age Demands Action campaigners in Haiti Age Demands Action on Health will build on campaign action from October 2011. (c) HelpAge International As part of the 2011 global Age Demands Action (ADA) campaign, older people in 17 countries met senior politicians on 1 October 2011.

At these meetings, campaigners called for improved access to primary health care, inclusion in national health strategies, subsidised health care and better provision for home based care.

World Health Day on 7 April is an opportunity to draw attention to a subject of major importance to global health. In 2012, World Health Day focused on Ageing and Health.

To mark this occasion, older people across the globe, from Albania to South Africa, reminded governments about the promises they made in 2011 and built on their achievements from last year.

Age Demands Action on Health around the world

Here are just a few examples of the activities that took place around the world for Age Demands Action on Health:

Albania: A delegation of campaigners met the Vice Mayor of Tirana to hold him to his promise of building more day centres for older people.

Bangladesh: Older people met the Secretary of the Ministry of Health to call for action on health on 6 April.

Bolivia: Campaigners from the Association of Senior Citizens of Bolivia (ANAMBAS) built on a campaign to make health centres age-friendly.

Ethiopia: A delegation of older people met government representatives and banners and posters promoting health ageing will be displayed in prominent places.

Fiji: The Fiji Council of Social Services made a submission to Parliament, which will be used to develop a draft National Health Policy for Older People.

Ghana: ADA on Health in Ghana offered a forum for campaigners to add their voice to a national discussion on health legislation.

Haiti: Campaigners met with the Minister for Health to discuss free healthcare for people over 65.

Indonesia: Campaigners called for the Ministry of Health to train more community health workers so older people can access care in their homes wherever they live.

Kyrgyzstan: Representatives from the Ministry of Health met campaigners on 6 April to ensure sustainable strategies on diabetes and non-communicable diseases are implemented.

Moldova: Campaigners met with representatives from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Social Protection and the National House of Medical Insurance. They want more subsidised medicines to be available to older people.

Occupied Palestinian territories: In the West Bank, HelpAge and the Palestinian Centre for Communication and Development Strategies collected 50,000 signatures for a petition calling on the Palestinian Authority to introduce a Law on Social Welfare for Older People.

Pakistan: There was a focus groups with Older People's Associations from across the country and hundreds took part in marches to raise awareness of older people's right to health.

Peru: Over 15 organisations descended on Lima this World Health Day to lobby for expanded coverage of the health insurance scheme.

Serbia: A spring festival showcased active ageing, with older people leading sessions on healthy nutrition, tai chi, singing and painting.

South Africa: In KwaZulu Natal, up to 500 campaigners and representatives from the Department of Health and the Department of Sport attended a rally to challenge a culture of neglect and discrimination against older people.

ADA on Health: The right to health in images

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