2023: the year in review


With the close of 2023 approaching, we take a moment to reflect on our endeavours this year. We consider the work undertaken alongside our partners and the members of the HelpAge Global Network, recognising the lives we have influenced. 


Climate change in an ageing world 

Ahead of COP28, we launched our report on the critical link between climate change and ageing populations, and the need to address this issue that is leaving older people invisible in climate action. 

Our accomplishments would not have been achievable without the backing of the HelpAge Global Network and our generous donors. Their collaboration and belief in our mission enables our success. 

As we approach 2024, we are committed to increasing the visibility of older people and raising the voice, rights and dignity of older people everywhere. 



This year, we launched #OlderNotOver, our three-year campaign that champions a fuller, more authentic portrayal of what life really looks like after 60, from America to Zimbabwe 

The world is ageing rapidly, and older people are changing too.   

They’re living longer, healthier lives. They have raised children, grandchildren, villages and voices. And they’re not done yet.  

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We're #OlderNotOver and we're just getting started

The world is changing. It’s getting older, rapidly. By 2030, one in six of us will be 60 or above.

A high ranking for our commitment to achieving gender equality 

This year, HelpAge secured the fourth position among 73 not-for-profit organisations in the FAIR SHARE Index, assessing female representation in leadership roles within the sector. 

This ranking underscores our dedication to fostering gender parity throughout the organisation, particularly within leadership positions. Presently, women comprise 60 percent of HelpAge’s staff, with 59 percent holding leadership roles. Among these leaders, 39 percent are BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour). 


Ramping up our global response to humanitarian needs 

Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

A catastrophic earthquake struck Türkiye and northwest Syria on 6 February 2023. Thousands died, and many more were left homeless without shelter and livelihood in the freezing cold. 

Right since the onset, HelpAge international is working through partners to deliver the humanitarian response that is inclusive of older people, especially older women and those with disabilities. 

Older people in Ukraine: almost two years of endurance 

As the Russia-Ukraine war entered its second year, HelpAge doubled down on its efforts to respond to the needs of older people. 



HelpAge at 40 

This year, HelpAge turned 40 – forty years of advocating for the rights and voice of older people around the world and making a meaningful impact in their lives.  

Join us in reflecting on the significant achievements in our work over the past four decades. 


New leadership at the helm of HelpAge International 

Cherian Mathews was appointed as the new CEO of HelpAge in September this year. Read his blog to know his vision for change at HelpAge. 


Effect of rising global costs on the lives of older people 

This year, we carried out research on the impact of the global food, fuel and finance crisis on older people in 10 countries to highlight their risk of starvation and poverty due to rising global costs.  


Gender transformative health and care 

Our report on achieving gender transformative universal health coverage proved that health and care systems worldwide are unprepared for a world where, by 2030, the global population aged 60 and over is projected to reach 1.4 billion, with the majority being female.  


Research on older people around the world

In 2023 we carried out a lot of research to better understand older people’s lives: whether it was understanding the financial inclusion of older people and the obstacles they face in Ethiopia, the barriers to decent work in Indonesia, or the challenges faced by older people in Myanmar. 


Nigeria ratifies a protocol on older people 

Nigeria’s recent ratification of the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the Rights of Older Persons is a crucial step towards safeguarding the rights of older people. This is an opportunity for Nigeria to champion the cause, and for other African states to follow suit.  


Without the support of the HelpAge global network and our donors, our achievements would not have been possible. As we enter 2024, we are committed to furthering our efforts to enhance the visibility of older people and magnify the influence of our initiatives, aiming to elevate the voices and uphold the dignity of older people worldwide.