What we do

HelpAge International’s goal is to improve the lives of older women and men in low- and middle-income countries, especially those in crisis-prone and insecure areas.  

Our mission is to empower older people to lead dignified, active, and healthy lives.  

Our strategy, outlined in Strategy 2030, positions us as a global convenor, supporter, and thought leader for a network of partner organisations committed to promoting the dignity, wellbeing, and voice of older people worldwide.  

Some of the key areas of work that we focus on are:  

  1. Responding to humanitarian crises: We respond to emergencies and crises around the world by providing essential aid and support to older people affected by conflict, disasters, and displacement. 
  2. Improving income security: We work to ensure that older people have access to sustainable and adequate income, including through social protection programmes and livelihood support. 
  3. Supporting healthy ageing: We work to improve the health and wellbeing of older people by providing healthcare, rehabilitation services, and support for those who are the furthest behind.  
  4. Creating a society for all ages: We support older people to speak out, claim their rights and influence decisions that affect their lives.  
  5. Acting on climate change: We recognise the impact that climate change has on older people and their communities, and the importance of addressing this issue in order to protect and improve their lives. 
  6. Advancing gender equality: We campaign to ensure that older people of all genders enjoy the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities 
  7. Protecting the rights of older people: We advocate for the rights of older people and work to raise awareness about issues affecting them, such as age discrimination, elder abuse, and neglect. 
  8. Challenging ageism: We challenge ageism so that older people are recognised as individuals and treated fairly and without discrimination.  

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