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At HelpAge, we envision a world where we are celebrated, empowered, and treated with the dignity we deserve as we grow older. By supporting our work, you can make a profound difference in the lives of older people, enabling us all to age with respect and purpose. 

In today’s globalised society, we face unique challenges and vulnerabilities as we get older, such as social isolation, inadequate healthcare, poverty, and abuse. This can lead to marginalisation and exclusion from opportunities. However, at HelpAge, we promote a world which champions the wisdom, knowledge, and experience of older people and their contribution to society. 

Through strategic programmes and initiatives, we address the diverse needs of older people, promoting their well-being and social inclusion. 

We advocate for the rights and needs of older people, influencing policies and raising awareness. By working with governments, communities, and our worldwide network of partners, we advise on age-friendly policies, healthcare systems, and social protection mechanisms. 

Our commitment

HelpAge is committed to improving the accessibility and quality of healthcare, enabling older people to lead healthier, more active lives. We work with older persons with disabilities to ensure their rights are equally recognised. 

Moreover, our organisation focuses on income security for older people. By promoting economic independence, we help break the cycle of poverty and dependency. We support the advocacy of older women who have faced successive barriers to economic independence throughout their lives.   

HelpAge fosters intergenerational connectivity and support, creating platforms for older and younger generations to engage and foster understanding. In the face of climate change, we are trying to build joint platforms for people of all ages to work together for a sustainable future.  

Supporting us will allow you to join in making a transformative impact. Together, we can create a world where older people are valued, respected, and provided with necessary support to age with dignity and purpose. HelpAge’s work in assisting older people worldwide is an urgent humanitarian responsibility, and a moral obligation to uphold their well-being.

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If you are based in Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK or the USA, please contact our supporting members:  Age International, HelpAge Canada, HelpAge Deutschland, HelpAge Italia, HelpAge Espana and HelpAge USA.