Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

A catastrophic earthquake struck Türkiye and Syria on 6 February 2023. Thousands died, and many more were left homeless without shelter and livelihood in the freezing cold.

HelpAge international is working through partners Hope Revival and the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA) to deliver the humanitarian response that is inclusive of older people, especially older women and those with disabilities.

Video: Older people who survived the catastrophic earthquake in Syria

We look at the survivors who now have to rebuild their lives, and at the humanitarian response of HelpAge’s partner SEMA.

Hope in the midst of disaster: Stories of older people who survived the earthquake in Syria

We bring you the stories of older people who have survived and now need to find ways to rebuild their lives.

Syria: Opening of borders will allow to escalate urgently needed aid

Mohammed Suleiman of the Syrian Expatriates Medical Association responds to the Syrian government agreeing to open two more border crossings to allow aid to be delivered to north-western Syria.

Latest Earthquake in Türkiye

HelpAge International’s statement on the latest earthquake in Turkiye’s Hatay province.

Older people’s needs in the aftermath of the earthquake in Türkiye/Syria

Our partners in Türkiye and Syria are informing us what older people affected by these earthquakes require.

Press release: Syria/Türkiye earthquake: Older people’s needs must be urgently addressed

Older people must not be overlooked in the response to the earthquake which struck near the Syrian border in south-eastern Türkiye. Read the press release.

Providing essential items for affected populations in Syria

Our partner the Syrian Expatriate Medical Association (SEMA) has been hard at work in Syria, providing for the affected population.

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