Older Japanese women smiling MrHicks46/FlickrGlobal AgeWatch Index 2014

Launches today!

The new Global AgeWatch Index launches today, the UN International Day of Older Persons. The Index measures how well 96 countries are supporting their older populations.

This year, Norway comes first, replacing Sweden from last year. Apart from Japan, all the top 10 countries are again in Western Europe, North America and Australasia. Afghanistan comes bottom again.

Find out more about the Global AgeWatch Index.

Age Demands Action campaign

VIDEO: Three people are blindfolded and left in the street. But why?

Support older people today because tomorrow it will be YOU!

Working with older people: Practical guidelines

Download our practical guidelinesDo you work with older people in the developing world? Need practical information on how to tailor programmes to older people's needs?

We have new practical guidelines for programme managers and people working with older people, drawing on experience in the HelpAge network.

Please use the guidelines for your own work, training or as a basis for producing more detailed, locally relevant materials.

The guidelines cover topics including emergencies, HIV and AIDS, rights and advocacy and health and care.

Global AgeWatch Index 2014


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