How can current pensions systems remain valid in a rapidly ageing world? (c) Kate Holt/HelpAge InternationalThanks, Otto!

125 years of pensions

On the 125th anniversary of Otto von Bismarck’s creation of the world’s first state pension, we're jointly hosting a conference assessing his legacy and the future of pensions.

The event "Thanks, Otto! 125 years of pensions and new global perspectives" is being held in Berlin, 28-29 October. It will ask how pension systems can remain valid in the context of demographic ageing, rising inequality and changing labour markets.

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Thanks, Otto! 125 years of pensions

Considered the first, Iron Chancellor Otto von Bismarck's public pension influenced many of today's pension systems.

Working with older people: Practical guidelines

Download our practical guidelinesDo you work with older people in the developing world? Need practical information on how to tailor programmes to older people's needs?

We have new practical guidelines for programme managers and people working with older people, drawing on experience in the HelpAge network.

Please use the guidelines for your own work, training or as a basis for producing more detailed, locally relevant materials.

The guidelines cover topics including emergencies, HIV and AIDS, rights and advocacy and health and care.

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