Supporting older people in Ukraine

Older people of Ukraine are in desperate need of humanitarian support.

As a result of the Russian invasion, the lives of millions of older people are at risk. They are in danger of being displaced by the conflict, denied access to essential services – like health or pensions – or forced to flee to neighbouring countries. Those unable to move are often abandoned in war-torn areas.

Consider these statistics:

  • 21.3 million people affected.
  • 17.6 million people or 49% of the current population in need of humanitarian assistance.
  • 6.3 million internally displaced persons, 39% of them have been displaced more than once.
  • 9 million people over the age of 60 before Russia’s full-scale invasion.
  • Only 5.4% of the refugees arriving in Europe from Ukraine are over 65.
  • 90% of older people unable to pay for even basic medical needs.

HelpAge staff and volunteers provide humanitarian assistance to older people of Ukraine both within the country and abroad. We bring food, medicine, and hygiene supplies for older people, their families, and communities.

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Film - The Light in the Darkness

Made in Ukraine, filmed by and featuring only Ukrainians, this film captures the spirit, resilience and love forged in a country at war. For many thousands caught up in this terror, older people have been a light in the darkness.

Two years of war in Ukraine through the eyes of older people

Ukraine’s older people do not give up. Discover their stories of courage, adaptation, and the unwavering spirit to rebuild.
They are still here. And so is the war.

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