Resource development training

Having a diverse and resilient funding base that supports your organisation’s vision and mission is key. These training modules provide guidance on how to create one, covering a wide range of approaches and fundraising sources that can be tailored to your organisation’s individual needs.
You can work through the easy-to-use modules at your own pace, focusing on the elements which are most useful to you. Practical exercises help you put what you learn into practice – work on them by yourself, or with colleagues.

The modules cover five topics:

Module one:

Resource development strategy

What is resource development and how do you do it?

Explore resource development, and the general principles and challenges involved. Learn how to evaluate your organisation’s needs, understand your operating environment and write a resource development strategy.

Module two:

Project development

A step-by-step guide to designing a strong project.

Includes carrying out needs assessments and data collection, mapping outcomes and objectives (theory of change, results framework, logical framework) and, implementing the key principles of Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL).

Module three:

Proposal and concept note writing

Practical advice and tips on how to write an effective project proposal/concept note.

Learn how to clearly describe your project and engage your prospective donor. Includes general principles, how to structure your proposal/concept note, how to develop a budget and, how to write compelling sections on donor requirements such as sustainability.

Module four:

Donor scoping and donor engagement

All you need to know about scoping, engaging and retaining donors.

Learn general principles and use a range of methods and tools, how to build your credibility online and offline, and explore how to build relationships and be accountable to help retain donors.

Module five:

How to implement different types of resource development

Guidance on engaging with ‘and fundraising from institutions, individuals, corporates and social enterprises.

Understand the different types of donor, and the key principles for working with them.