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Cartagena Data Festival: Missing data leaves millions of older people invisible

At the Cartagena Data Festival next week, HelpAge International is calling on data specialists to explore the implications of the missing data making millions of older people invisible.

Posted: 17 April 2015

World Health Day 2015: Age Demands Action campaigners call for age-friendly health services

Today on World Health Day, Age Demands Action campaigners are calling for access to age-friendly health services for older people to bring a halt to exclusion, discrimination and stigma.

Posted: 07 April 2015

EU joins HelpAge in promoting and protecting older women's rights in Tanzania

by Amleset Tewodros Over the years, an increasing number of older people, particularly older women, have been persecuted for alleged witchcraft practices in Tanzania. According to the Legal and Human Right Centre in the country, 765 people, 505 of which were women, were killed due to alleged witchcraft accusations...

Posted: 02 April 2015

Syria conflict, four years on: Health services in Lebanon under pressure

Four years on since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, over 3 million people have fled the country and over one million of those are now living indefinitely in Lebanon.

Posted: 13 March 2015

HelpAge launches Disaster Risk and Age Index at World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

This week, we’re launching the first Disaster Risk and Age Index at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai. The Index ranks 190 countries across the world on the disaster risk faced by older people.

Posted: 11 March 2015