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HelpAge team on the ground in Ukraine

As the conflict in Ukraine escalates, the HelpAge international team stays on the ground to continue supporting older people. Victoria Panchenko, Area Manager for HelpAge International in Ukraine, shares her first-hand experience.

Older people in Ukraine want peace

As the conflict in Ukraine escalates, with a Russian invasion looking increasingly likely, HelpAge continues to help older people in the east of the country.

A reflection on the Glasgow COP26 Climate Summit

COP 26 was a battleground where these two opposite visions of the future met face to face. There were two weeks of almost febrile negotiations and discussions, propelled by the understanding that time to act was running short, and a catastrophe for humanity was just around the corner.

There is already a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine…

As conflict in Ukraine becomes more and more likely, and the media coverage and analysis ramp up, the narrative and reporting are missing one of the most important dimensions of any armed combat: the impact this will have on the people of the Ukraine.

Tribute to Desmond Tutu: A leadership role model for all ages

We said farewell to Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu, who passed away on 26 December at the age of 90. His life was peppered with episodes of truly exemplary leadership embodying his personal values. Blog by Sola Mahoney, HelpAge Board Member