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Q and A with Abass Adan, Project Manager at HIRDO, Somalia

What is HIRDO going to do to help improve the situation? HIRDO will make a concerted effort to voice the concerns of older people so that all relevant organisations will have them on their agenda and will empower them through constructive engagement which I hope will contribute towards positive changes in their lives and help strengthen their resilience.

Pakistan: Older people facing health catastrophe but are being ignored

A new survey on the impact of the floods in Pakistan on older people reveals that hundreds of lives are needlessly being put at risk due to the decimation of health services and the rise of diseases like malaria and diarrhoea, which can be killers to older people with weaker immune systems.

Adapting to life in a country at war

As the war continues, HelpAge International's country director in Ukraine Akbar Nazriev shares his insights on how things have changed and what life is like living under the ongoing threat of attack.

Wading through water to distribute vital aid

Staff from HelpAge partner, Community Development Foundation, have had to wade through water shoulder high in Balochistan to reach communities who have been cut off for weeks by the devastating floods in Pakistan.