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Exposing systemic ageism: my story

As part of our ageism stories competition, older people share their experience of everyday ageism, whether in their communities, during health visits or dealing with social services.

Justin Derbyshire: Q&A on Ukraine

HelpAge International is one of a handful of INGOs that has operated in the country since 2014, working with a network of partners and volunteers to support almost 5,000 older people living near the contact line between government and non-government-controlled areas.

Refugees on the Moldova-Ukraine border

Thousands of refugees are crossing the border from Ukraine into Moldova every day, fleeing the dangers of the Russian invasion. HelpAge International is building up its humanitarian presence in Moldova - where it has been working since 2000 - to help as many of those arriving as possible. Samuel Wood, Head of Humanitarian at HelpAge, visited the border and shared his observations.

I want to go back

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees arrive in Moldova, fleeing hostilities as a result of the Russian invasion. Many of them are older people. Whether they are going to settle in Moldova or move on, they need support.