What is population ageing?

Population ageing, a global phenomenon characterised by a significant increase in the proportion of older people within a population, stands as a testament to humanity’s progress and challenges.

As life expectancy rises and birth rates decline, societies worldwide are experiencing a profound demographic shift. Understanding population ageing is paramount as it not only reflects advancements in healthcare and living standards but also poses intricate socio-economic implications. Embracing this demographic transition is crucial for crafting inclusive policies, fostering intergenerational solidarity, and ensuring the wellbeing of people of all ages.

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What is population ageing?

Dive deep into the concept of population ageing and discover how it unfolds across the world. We break down the factors contributing to this phenomenon and explore why it’s a crucial aspect of our present and future.

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Exploring older people's lives in Lebanon & South Korea

Find out about the challenges and aspirations of older people in Lebanon and the Republic of Korea.

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Voices of youth in Uganda on ageing

Join the conversation with Uganda’s youth as they share their views on ageing in collaboration with HelpAge network member Reach a Hand Uganda (RAHU). These young voices discuss what older age means to them and how they envision their own journey into the future.

Global webinar on population ageing

In collaboration with AARP, HelpAge hosted an insightful webinar “Rapid population ageing: a global call to action”, offering a window into the complexities of population ageing. This event gathered experts, advocates, and stakeholders to discuss the various facets of this global phenomenon. Through presentations and discussions, participants explored the implications of population ageing on societies and economies. It served as a platform to inspire collaborative efforts towards building inclusive communities where older people are respected and supported.

Resources from the global webinar

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