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The Urgency of now: Uganda's responsibility to its older citizens

18 April 2016

International donors are threatening to stop funding Uganda's Senior Citizens Grant (SCG) due to the national Government failing to provide counter funding. But whose responsibility is it anyway? It seems cruel that families who depend solely on this g Keep reading


Breaking the silence on elder abuse in Moldova

25 November 2015

On 12 November 2015 we launched the research report, Breaking the Silence: Elder abuse in the Republic of Moldova, which brought to light the hidden and distressing phenomenon of discrimination and abuse of older women and men. The report... Keep reading


Voices of the marginalised: Older people and people with disabilities heard by policymakers

17 August 2015

A set of recommendations to improve the lives of older people and people with disabilities were discussed in front of key policy makers in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 5 August. More than 150 people were there to learn directly from... Keep reading


Sustainable Development Goals: Including ageing is essential

27 May 2015

This week I'm in New York at the follow up and review session of the intergovernmental meetings for the Sustainable Development Goals. Older women and men across the globe are calling for a follow up, implementation, review and appraisal process... Keep reading (1 Comment)


Older people in East Asia: Advocates creating meaningful change

03 March 2015

I've just returned from Thailand where I experienced first-hand what HelpAge seeks to communicate, that older people are their own best advocates for change and a valuable recourse in their communities. I saw how older people's associations (OPAs) are... Keep reading

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