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Ahmad lived in Syria as a farmer before fleeing when the conflict erupted - he now lives in Tyre, Lebanon (c) Sandra Kastoun/HelpAge International

(c) Sandra Kastoun/HelpAge International

Ahmad lived in Syria as a farmer before fleeing when the conflict erupted - he now lives in Tyre, Lebanon

Throughout the Middle East, HelpAge International works to improve older people's lives by focusing on social protection and health, particularly supporting older people who have been affected by the Syria crisis. We also fight for older people's rights through special projects and through information gathering and sharing, policy and legislation. 

Where we work in the Middle East

Supporting older people in the Middle East

In Lebanon, we:

  • help improve access to healthcare for older people's psychosocial wellbeing and for non-communicable diseases, such as hypertension and diabetes, by providing screenings, consultations and drugs
  • provide health education sessions to encourgage older people to have better diets
  • train humanitarian and government agencies on older people's health needs
  • conduct research into the situation of older and disabled Syrian refugees and their inclusion in the humanitarian response.

In Jordan, we:

  • help older people find out if they have high or low blood sugar and hypertension
  • empower women to develop new skills to help them lead independent lives
  • provide unconditional cash payments to extremely vulnerable Syrian and Jordanian families to help them meet their basic needs
  • train GPs and medical staff on the management of non-communicable diseases

In Iraq, we are conducting a needs assessment of older refugees affected by the Syria crisis and other recurrent crises that have had an impact on the country. 


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Striking facts

  • Two-thirds of older Syrian refugees show signs of psychological distress.
  • Poor diet, high blood pressure and high body mass index, which all contribute to non-communicable diseases, each increased in the Middle East by more than 50% between 1990 and 2010.

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