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Middle East

Learn about HelpAge network members in the Middle East.


Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights

Jiyan foundation was established in 2005, by opening the first treatment centre for victims of torture in Kirkuk, Iraq. Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights is a charitable organisation supporting survivors of human rights violations, defending fundamental freedoms, and promoting democratic values throughout the world. Our programs provide mental health, medical treatment, and other support services to survivors of trauma, terror, domestic violence, and human rights violations.

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights US supports 9 treatment centres, a clinic for Yazidi women and families, a Healing Garden and mobile teams helping survivors in 11 refugee and IDP camps and nine regions throughout Kurdistan-Iraq, Iraq, & Syria. Since 2005 these programs have supported over 100,000 survivors of trauma, terror, domestic violence and human rights violations in the region. We work in major cities and some of the hardest to reach places throughout Kurdistan-Iraq, Iraq, and Syria providing life-saving mental health and medical support to survivors of human rights violations. Our mobile teams are often the only source of treatment for refugees and internally displaced persons living in camps and rural villages through the region.

Our work follows the core values set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe in human dignity and promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms set out in the declaration. We help survivors of human rights violations, regardless of their age, gender, ethnic or religious affiliation. Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights seeks a democratic society that protects the dignity of the human being, where adults and children realize their rights to life and liberty, and citizens are free from torture and terror. They focus on Trauma Care and Health, Rights and Justice, Democracy and Civil Society, Training and Capacity Building and Monitoring and Research.

Jiyan Foundation for Human Rights joined HelpAge global network in 2021.


HelpAge Jordan

HelpAge Jordan helps older people in both the Jordanian and Syrian communities to access healthcare and lead independent lives.

Sisterhood Is Global Institute (SIGI)

An initiative of several Jordanian women who believed that women’s issues are society’ issues. It was established in 1998 and is registered as a Jordanian, feminist, jurist, developmental nonprofit NGO organization. SIGI focuses on education and promoting women’s human rights, providing counseling, legal and social servicing, enabling women to access justice, raising their awareness about their rights.

SIGI has been instrumental in placing women’s issues on the agenda of decision-makers, parliamentarians and media. They address older people issues, including violence against older women, publishing articles that have raised awareness of HelpAge International’s work on the elimination of violence against Women.

SIGI and HelpAge advocated for UN Convention through several activities engaging older people, officials, Jordanian NGOs and CBOs and urging Jordanian government to participate actively in OEWG-A processes and sessions.


Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon

Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon (AAL) was founded in 2004 to raise awareness on dementia and improve the quality of life for people with the disease and those who care for them. It provides information, resources, support, training, and equipment rental.

ALL is active in providing information to schools, universities, medical professionals and to the wider public aimed at de-stigmatising dementia, fighting discrimination and creating awareness of the growing impact of the disease.

Amel Association International

Amel Association International is a non-governmental and non-sectarian organisation founded in 1979 by a group of doctors, jurists and professors to enable an independent response to the needs of individuals living in Lebanon.

The organization has 24 community centres, 6 mobile medical units, 2 mobile education units and a protection mobile unit across Lebanon, ensuring accessible and quality services for everyone, including medical, psychosocial and vocational training, rural development, child protection and promotion of human rights.

During the eighties, Amel Association International evolved and based its action on a comprehensive set of services, alongside development and human rights activities.

Center for the Studies on Aging (CSA)

Established in 2008 in Beirut, the Center for the Studies on Aging (CSA) is a hub for research, education, policy formulation and training on ageing in Lebanon and the Arab region. They share HelpAge International’s mission and vision to ensure that the full economic, political, and social rights of older people are fulfilled.for research, education, policy formulation and training on ageing in Lebanon and the Arab region. They share HelpAge International’s mission and vision to ensure that the full economic, political, and social rights of older people are fulfilled.

Composed of academics and policy-makers from various universities, government bodies, as well as the National Committee on Ageing, the CSA membership constitutes an uniquely influential and highly visible presence in Lebanon as well as in the Middle East in advocating for the rights and participation of older persons.

CSA has been working with HelpAge International since 2008 on various projects. They were instrumental in conducting the review of Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing at national and regional level as part of the joint report published by UNFPA and HelpAge International – “Overview of Available Policies and Legislation, Data and Research, and Institutional Arrangements Relating To Older Persons – Progress Since Madrid” in 2011.

CSA has also emerged as a big advocate for the rights of older people in context of the Syrian crisis. In December 2013, HelpAge International collaborated with the CSA to hold a symposium on “Older Persons in Emergencies” to highlight the particular needs, concerns, and risks faced by older persons in Lebanon affected by the Syrian crisis. CSA became a HelpAge global network member in 2014.

HelpAge Lebanon

HelpAge Lebanon helps chronically ill older people in the Lebanese and Syrian communities access health services, and helps protect those who are at risk from harm.

Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care (IDRAAC)

IDRAAC Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care is the first non‐profit organization (NGO) dedicated to mental health in Lebanon and the Arab World and is located in Beirut, Lebanon. Our work started in 1982 when IDRAAC’s members started conducting research and have been involved in many national and international studies, targeting different segments of the population and assessing different types of mental health conditions.

IDRAAC delivers free community services, awareness programs and world-class mental health research. IDRAAC’s work is divided into 3 major pillars:
• Awareness
• Research
• Community Services

IDRAAC’s activities are tailored to cover all aspects of mental health and psychosocial support needed by society.

Mission Statement: IDRAAC’s mission is to conduct and promote research in mental health, raise public awareness and advocate for mental health as a basic human right while providing care for all age groups (children, adolescents, adults and the elderly).

IDRAAC’s vision is to have the Lebanese population sensitized to mental health issues, and that people suffering from mental health conditions have adequate access to healthcare while preserving their human rights.



El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation

El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation (WSCR) is a nonprofit NGO based in the Gaza Strip and registered with the Ministry of Interior. Established in March 2000, they provide psychosocial services and educational rehabilitation to local communities. They work with children, women, young and older people to provide them with quality services including training, counseling and guidance.

El-Wedad has collaborated with HelpAge International since 2009 to provide psychosocial support for older people. They have also worked on other joint projects including:

  • Improving older people’s wellbeing and independence in Shatee Refugee Camp through psychosocial and mobility support.
  • Advocating older people’s rights through the Age Demands Action campaign.
  • Strengthening civil society to reduce the poverty of vulnerable older people in the occupied Palestinian territories.

WSCR became the first HelpAge International global network member in the Middle East in October 2011.

Palestinian Center for Communication & Development Strategies

Palestinian Center for Communication & Development Strategies (PCCDS) is a civil non-profit Palestinian organisation. It was founded in 2009 by a group of young activists in development, democracy, and human rights in Hebron. The aim is to empower disadvantaged families socially, politically, and economically and to promote the concepts of democracy, social justice, non-violence and human rights among the target groups which includes children, women and older people.

PCCDS is a very strong and active organisation working in several sectors including health, psychosocial wellbeing, income generation (livelihood). Furthermore, PCCDS has strong links with local authorities and media and advocate for the rights of beneficiaries and the wider group of forgotten vulnerable people such as older people.

Among other things, PCCDS is running a human rights programme which includes awareness raising among older people in local communities on their rights to health welfare.

They are also leading the ADA campaign in Hebron and led campaign activities in October 2011, April 2012 and October 2012. PCCDS has been working with HelpAge International in the West Bank since April 2011 and became a HelpAge global network member in March 2013.


Juzoor was founded in 1996 by a team of health and development professionals. The organisation was named Juzoor (“roots” in Arabic) to reflect the organisation’s focus on the underlying socioeconomic determinants of health and wellness, to reinforce the commitment that Juzoor has made to continuing its work in Palestinian communities despite the difficult and challenging political situation, and to reflect the founders’ experience in their related fields and in establishing some of the most important grassroots health organisations in Palestine.

Juzoor tackles critical emerging public health issues, connecting prevention and intervention for the individual to the level of the whole population by addressing the social determinants of health.

Juzoor for Health and Social Development is a Palestinian non-governmental organisation working at the national level, dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Palestinian families and promoting health as a basic human right. They focus on coronavirus emergency appeal for vulnerable communities in Palestine; strengthening emergency care; Palestine diabetes prevention program; child health and protection; gender-based violence; women empowerment; emergencies, advocacy & campaigns; capacity building and health promotion.

Juzoor became a HelpAge global network member in 2021.



The Syrian Medical Association for Syrian Expatriates (SEMA) is a humanitarian, medical relief non-profit organization. All its humanitarian relief work is provided to all without regard to race, sex, color, religion, sect, denomination or language.

SEMA was established in response to the dramatic increase in number of injuries, which portended a dangerous future. Holding to their oath to ease the suffering of the wounded, a group of loyal Syrians including doctors and health professionals along with expatriates in various countries around the world called upon each other and decided to establish this humanitarian relief body.

SEMA was launched in 2011, and it has obtained its official recognition and registration in many countries such as France, United Kingdom, Italy and Turkey.

The Syrian Networks League (SNL)

SNL is a Syrian civil society organisation, brought together by a transparent coordination mechanism within credible pluralistic participatory frameworks that aims to mobilise the energies of civil coordination bodies to ensure the creative expression of the aspirations of Syrian civil society and the development of its initiatives with the aim of defending its issues and developing its capacities to promote comprehensive development.

The Syrian Networks Association comprises eight coordination bodies and these coordination bodies include 185 institutions working in the humanitarian and civil fields in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

Mission Statement: Mobilizing the energies of the civil coordination bodies in a way that guarantee creative expression about the aspiration of the Syrian Civil Society and develop its initiatives with the purpose of supporting its cases and building its capacities in order to enhance comprehensive development



Hope Revival Organization

HRO is a humanitarian, advocacy, non-profit organisation dedicated to working with communities in order to overcome experiencing difficulty coping. HRO main priorities are aimed at improving access and availability of evidence-based, high quality and culturally sensitive mental health services and psychosocial support for populations affected by conflict and crisis in order to build sustainable local capacities and provide comprehensive, integrated and community-based mental health services and psychosocial support activities that promote the resilience and overall wellbeing of vulnerable refugees, internally displaced people and host populations.

We work on involving women, youth and people with disabilities in economic, social and civil activities in order to limit marginalization, and violence and empower them by raising awareness for their rights.

HRO focuses on community care by creating safe environments through increasing quality of life, mitigating violence, opposing marginalization and striving to eliminate poverty.

Our mission is building the community’s capacity, raising awareness, promoting psychosocial well-being and providing mental health services.

Türkiye Emekliler Derneği-Türkiye retired persons organization (TUED)

About us: TUED was founded in 1970 in Ankara. As of 2020, it has approximately 920,000 members. Apart from its advocacy for retirement and civil rights issues, it is a non-governmental organization that has attracted the attention of retirees and the public through its determined and prudent struggle to defend civil rights. The association keeps the topics of preventing age discrimination and maximizing autonomy in long-term care in the agenda. Today with its 113 branches nationwide TUED serves all pensioners, widows and orphans, whether they are members or not. TUED is a member of the Labor Platform which was established with the participation of 17 NGOs. TUED founded the Turkey Retirement Platform and Ageing Platform and is now acting as spokesman. The association is active in areas such as establishing health centres and nursing homes, conducting research, delivering food and clothes aid, and organizing meetings and trips for the elderly, sick and also other members in need.

Mission Statement: To protect the rights of retired persons and elders.



Life Makers Meeting Place Organisation (LMMPO)

A non-governmental humanitarian and development organisation, founded in 2007 by a group of young people with the inspiration to address some of the social, development and emergency related issues that need to be dealt with in creative and swift interventions in a purely professional manner.

We seek to contribute to the sustainable development and the community humanitarian response through the implementation of high-quality programs and projects carried out by a qualified and distinguished cadre with values dominated by transparency, accountability, in addition to the principles of good governance and effective partnership with all relevant authorities.

They focus on food and livelihood with cash for food and food and agriculture assistance projects, WASH projects and emergency response to outbreak of cholera, management and coordination of IDPs collective centres in emergency, strengthening child protection systems via community empowerment and participation in conflict-affected districts and integrated shelter, NFI, CCCM, protection and WASH assistance, in addition to implementing food & wash projects in different governorates.

Investing and benefiting from the abilities and potential of young people is not a matter of pride for us, but also is the essence of our mission and focus of our work and it is on top of our goals for which we are working hard to achieve. Moreover, young people represent the largest proportion of the population in many countries; we are seeking to hone their skills and providing a suitable environment for their access to decision, making positions. Therefore, we have implemented many successful activities and programs that have a real impact on the reality of young people and the society in general. That success, inevitably, will not be made without the support of our teams, donors, partners, and other stakeholders.

We also emphasize that one of the most important success factors for any organisation is its sustainability in the provision of services. One of our assets to this is the existence of the voluntary aspect, which relies on youths, because we are strong believers that young people are the nucleus of change in any society and qualifying and training them is the first step for access to the development of their communities.

LMMPO is one of the leading organisations in the development of young people’s abilities. It is therefore, called the teaching organisation that works hard to train volunteers and then grant them work opportunities.

LMMPO joined HelpAge global network in 2021.

The Yemen Family Care Association (YFCA)

YFCA is a leading, independent and neutral non-governmental organisation that work nationwide at different levels to promote equitable and sustainable development, humanitarian response, and other relevant interventions for a better life and wellbeing of communities and individuals.  YFCA is working alongside the government, local and international partners, and urban and rural communities in an endeavour to complement the efforts of other actors and stakeholders who work towards a common purpose. Since the mid-seventies of the last century, YFCA has been playing a substantial role in advocating vulnerable groups’ concerns to the government, policy makers and program implementers in addition to encouraging active participation of civil societies and stakeholders at the community level. YFCA has also emerged as a major support institution for civil society organisations working for social change with national and local actors at the grassroots level.