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Income, health and abuse data is inadequate and risks leaving older people behind

03 February 2017

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agreed by the United Nations in September 2015, present a major challenge to national and international statistical systems. While they are inclusive of older people, there are serious gaps in global data on age Keep reading


Sustainable Development Goals have put ageing back onto the agenda

08 June 2016

We live in a remarkable world in which people live longer than ever before. We are healthier and many of us look forward to our older age. With timely investments in supporting the contributions, experience and expertise of the growing... Keep reading


Reimagining ageing in the post-2015 policy arena

31 May 2016

This blog is a summary of my MSc dissertation Relational ageing and international policy networks for the rights of older people: A network perspective on older age and the Sustainable Development Goals (PDF). We are all ageing every day.... Keep reading


Philippines must move towards a universal social pension

10 March 2016

Over the last five years the Philippines has taken important steps to improve income security for older people, most notably in the introduction and expansion of a social pension. Following an intense campaign led by Coalition of Services of the... Keep reading


Data-driven policy and advocacy on ageing: good practices and lessons learned

16 February 2016

Are data playing a role in policy-making and advocacy on ageing? We'd all agree that they should, but to date there hasn't been much research or guidance on this topic. A new report, Good Practices and Barriers in the Use... Keep reading

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