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DRC: In search of older people

03 March 2009

Benedicte Vene is a communications consultant who was sent to the DR Congo on a mission to find out why there are so few older people in the displacment camps in Goma and how they are surviving... Bright lights,... Keep reading


How Age Helps

19 February 2009

Henry Matthews, Campaigns Coordinator for HelpAge International explains how age helps... Over the past 25 years HelpAge International has seen at first-hand how older people contribute so much to their communities. Mediators, educators, advisors...older Keep reading


DRC: HelpAge DRC under construction

09 February 2009

Bright and early Marbey and I went to Merlin's office so that I could introduce myself to other staff members we hadn't met before! It's a bustling office with many people coming and going. Field teams are in and... Keep reading


DRC: The beginning

05 February 2009

HelpAge works in emergency situations all over the world to ensure older people's needs and contributions are met by humanitarian response. As HelpAge's Emergencies Programme Coordinator, I travelled out to Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo to supp Keep reading

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