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Fighting for older people's rights in emergencies

30 September 2009

A group of young men jeered when they saw the HelpAge International logo on the side of our vehicle: "Here come the old people's organisation! We have lots of old people here - what are you going to do... Keep reading


Hoot for Peace

15 June 2009

Throughout our programmes around the world we have seen older people demanding thier rights and campaigning on issues ranging from access to pensions to better healthcare. Last year, older people from 36 countries took part in our global campaign... Keep reading


Lions not lambs: Age helps in action in Brazil

09 April 2009

Alex Kalache, HelpAge International's Global Ambassador reports on the Rights of Older Persons Conference in Brasilia... I was inspired and thrilled by the recent Rights of Older Persons Conference in Brasilia. I would not need to have been born... Keep reading


DRC: In search of older people again

16 March 2009

I take stock of what I've learned in both the temporary settlements and the official camps. The data available is poor. No one knows how many are still in the villages which won't be accessible to NGOs until security... Keep reading


DRC: Temporary settlements

06 March 2009

The day after my beautiful journey through Rwanda, I go to see three temprorary settlements of IDPs (internally displaced people) in Goma's poorest bidon-ville (slum) where the city meets the Nyiragongo volcano. The area's devastatingly eerie. You can see Keep reading

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