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The UN at 64: Climate change in the spotlight

29 October 2009

The UN turned 64 on 24 October. To celebrate this, events were organised around the world, including a flag raising ceremony in Fiji and, in Tanzania, UN staff rebuild class room floors in schools. However, the main focus of... Keep reading


Climate change debate heats up

22 October 2009

As the climate change debate rages on, with the International Day of Climate Change on 24 October and the countdown to Copenhagen well under way, is there is a glimmer of hope that people are starting to make the... Keep reading


The relief effort in the Philippines is still going strong

22 October 2009

Since typhoon Ketsana struck the Philippines on 26 September, our partner in Manila, the Coalition of Services of the Elderly (COSE) has worked tirelessly to provide relief for the older people affected. They have done an incredible job, having... Keep reading


Barack Obama's grandmother joins ADA in Kenya

21 October 2009

Sarah Obama (pictured on the right), the grandmother of US president Barack Obama, has joined our Age Demands Action campaign by donning an ADA T shirt and showing her support for older people's rights around the world. Too often... Keep reading


Part 2: A day in the life of HelpAge in Gaza

20 October 2009

HelpAge's Emergencies Programmes Coordinator, Margaret Chilcott, has reported from Gaza with episodes from her day to day life and work: We took off for the field, to an area where we have 20 young men and women assessing the... Keep reading

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