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Aftermath of typhoon Ketsana: More from Manila

03 October 2009

As I start to type this report, the radio is blaring out information on the current situation of Typhoon Parma. The information is that the storm is making landfall over Luzon which is the province in the north of... Keep reading


Goddy Paul writes from Manila

02 October 2009

I am out in Manila in the Philippines, working with our partner COSE to bring urgently needed assistance to those affected by the devastating floods. We went out to five flood affected locations in Manila to distribute food and... Keep reading


"I thought it was a nightmare, but it's real"

01 October 2009

Nanay Luisa Martin, 73, Vice President of Roxas Elderly group (left, being interviewed by Generosa from COSE): "We did not eat for almost two days because we did not save any food. It was really unbelievable. I thought it... Keep reading


Fighting for older people's rights in emergencies

30 September 2009

A group of young men jeered when they saw the HelpAge International logo on the side of our vehicle: "Here come the old people's organisation! We have lots of old people here - what are you going to do... Keep reading


Hoot for Peace

15 June 2009

Throughout our programmes around the world we have seen older people demanding thier rights and campaigning on issues ranging from access to pensions to better healthcare. Last year, older people from 36 countries took part in our global campaign... Keep reading

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