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Blog Action Day 2009: Climate change and ageing

15 October 2009

There is no avoiding the impending threat of climate change and the impact it is already having around the world - most often affecting already struggling and developing regions of the globe. Age change Another phenomenon that is transforming... Keep reading


Indonesia: The relief effort continues

13 October 2009

HelpAge's rapid assessment report from Indonesia reveals the true gravity of the situation and the devastation caused by the earthquake which hit West Sumatra on 30 September. The shocking statistics are contained in the latest provincial report from 8... Keep reading


Vietnam: staff donate their wages to flood victims

13 October 2009

In a time of hardship throughout South East Asia, HelpAge's partner, the Vietnamese Women's Union (VWU) have shown their incredible solidarity to all those affected by the devastating floods in Vietnam. The VWU staff, who total 28,000 across the... Keep reading


Typhoon Ketsana devastates older people's lives in Vietnam

06 October 2009

At least 164 people have been killed and 15 left missing since typhoon Ketsana lashed central Vietnam last Tuesday. The typhoon has caused more than US$600 million in damage and has affected more than three million people. A large... Keep reading


Goddy Paul in Manila

05 October 2009

This morning was the first time in so many days that it did not rain. There was a mild shower early in the morning where I was staying, but that was quickly replaced by some sunlight unsuccessfully trying to... Keep reading

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