Age Demands Action on Health

On World Health Day - 7 April - older people once again stood up for the healthcare issues they believe in, such as the need for more age-friendly health services.

An older man at the dentist.

(c) Jonas Wresch/HelpAge International

Older campaigners are fighting for their right to healthcare.

Age Demands Action on Health: Our impact

This year, tens of thousands of campaigners in over 35 countries raised awareness of their right to quality healthcare.

Check out our impact timeline to see how Age Demands Action campaigning continues to translate into real policy changes.

2015 campaigning highlights

Campaigners from all over the world took to the streets, spoke with and met ministers to demand health services that are affordable and accessible for all.

You can see all the highlights in our Storify below.

This is a crucial year for development, as the Sustainable Development Goals, which include health, will be decided. It is a great opportunity to be heard, so we will be continuing to voice our call for age-friendly health services. Find the facts about ageing and health in our handy infographic.

Older man in Tanzania learning how to safely prepare healthy food. (c) Jamillah Mwanjisi/HelpAge International Older man in Tanzania learning how to safely prepare healthy food. (c) Jamillah Mwanjisi/HelpAge International

World Health Day theme: Food safety

This year's World Health Day theme ws food safety. A clean environment and food preparation adapted to older people's needs are paramount to good health.

Ill health and malnourishment can have a direct impact on all aspects of older people's lives, including their ability to earn a living or care for relatives.

As well as campaigning for age-friendly health services, we asked older people to tell us about their food habits and hygiene.

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  • Momo Allison Bainda (14 June 2016)

    National Old Folks of Liberia will continue to support the ADA programs around the globe, we are also requesting for seminar programs in Liberia.

  • Elie MUGABOWISHEMA (11 March 2015)

    In Rwanda, a new unit on alternative care was created for the elderly, within NCDs department, the most needy people including the elderly are supported by the Government for health insurance. However the NCDs (Diabethis, blood high pressure, etc) are not covered, and it is not easy for them to pay the 10% at the health facilities, and I would suggest mobile health care services for those who are not able to move.

  • ONGOM RUFINO (22 December 2014)

    we desave the right to live a healthy life together with the communities

  • kunwar momin khan momin (08 April 2014)

    i want to be as worker in the org;because its a very nobel cause

  • Mike Kanyingi Kimuhu (04 April 2014)

    Thank you for the updates on ADA. ADA is a continuous process.
    This year WHD as members of HelpAge Advocacy team, we have an appointment with the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Health Kenya. Older persons will deliver ADA note.
    Another Plus for us is that now we have HEALTH AND AGING DESK at the ministry of Health HQ.

  • Manikonda Prakash Rao (03 April 2014)

    I am now at 75. I am much concerned about health of elderly. According to medical reports hyper secretion of mucus is common feature in elderly people. As a result they suffer more with infectious problems. Please see my exercises under Google by typing "Asthma control exercises of Manikonda" One can bring under control respiratory health problems under control.

  • Umoja Wa Wazee (17 February 2014)

    We find this is great and wish if we can be included in such programes we are a new group of old people in a Ward in Sengerema District Mwanza Region in Tanzania. Thanks for taking concern to the eldery and lets also forcus on preparing young peoples health so the meet their old age n good condition

  • Ogungbohun Kayode Joseph (24 January 2014)

    I wish to have World Health Organisation designated days in year 2014 such as world cancer day, world hypertension day and so on. You can also copy

  • KALLIRROI NIKOLI (20 September 2013)

    To reach old age in good health requires combined efforts of the individual and a civil and friendly social environment

  • Md. Faruque Hossain (29 August 2013)

    Nice effort. Bangladesh also a very hypertensive prone area and Its a major public Health problem in Bangladesh. The prevalence of HTN is day by day increasing trend.

  • Joseph Vijay Panicker (28 June 2013)

    I wish share my expierence that GOD LIVES.PRAYER HAS POWER.On 7th I had a massive stroke of 3rd degree attack of pheneomoneia I invailid (vegetable) for 8mths,2day I am hail&hearty at the age of 69yrs.My friends and relatives all over World prayed for me.I THANK all of them.

  • Manikonda Prakash Rao (31 May 2013)

    Dear sir,
    I am now 74 years old and entering 75th year next month i.e., June 2013. As a result of asthma I discontinue practice as advocate in high court Hyderabad India. Devised exercises by which respiratory diseases can brought under control within 30 to 40 minutes.I am very healthy at this age. I advice my other senior citizens to do exercises for 30 minutes a day. I request all my friends to request UN Authorities to have world conferences of senior citizens for exchange of views and other interactions so that they may know or learn from others they way they are living.

    Manikonda Prakash Rao

  • James Mbungyuh Tseyah (30 May 2013)

    We need need to look after the health of the elderly with a lot of care and concern.
    They were once like us remember.

  • sudama prasad (18 May 2013)

    It is very informitive in the interest of human

  • shaddychu (18 April 2013)

    health is the key of life

  • kali prasad saha (10 April 2013)

    most of the hypertension pts unfortunately feel once b.p.reduces they stop taking medicine.It should be emshasised that drugs should be contiued life long

  • Barbara from HelpAge International (09 April 2013)

    Dear friends, thank you for the wonderful comments.

    Ebenezer we have an office in Ghana and they do organise fantastic campaigns for older people.

    Roland unfortunately we do not have partners in Cameroon but I do agree that health services affect many countries all over Africa.

    Balakrishna and Dr.Logilunore thank you for your comments. Please encourage others to provide feedback. We really appreciate them.

  • anjali r bhise (06 April 2013)

    lot of awareness really needed

  • Veena Sahu (05 April 2013)

    Good work for Elderly Health.

  • Kouadio Yahot Pascal (04 April 2013)

    How about Cte d'Ivoire? We need a such organisation in the profit of older people for better life

  • Joseph Vijay Panicker (04 April 2013)

    Iwish to volunteer for this noble cause.

  • ebenezer yankson (29 March 2013)

    I admire this programme which i hope will be extended to my country Ghana.lets all give our support for this.

  • roland t (29 March 2013)

    How about cameroon ,i wonder if its included in the 40 countries mention.if yes how can i get action with them.

  • Balakrishna (29 March 2013)

    Really good alarming to take care and prevent.Need to provite the practical tips to prevent and implement.

  • Dr. Solomon Ole' Logilunore (29 March 2013)

    It is true that Hypertension is most common diseases of old aged but most of the hospital staff and especially the para medics do not know how to manage the condition. Many dispensaries and health centres dont even have a BP monitor.Please Governments train and give staff the equipments and expertize.

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Age-friendly health services must:

  • include older people in health and care services

  • be affordable to older people

  • provide access to essential medicines

  • have a sufficient number of well-trained health and care workers.


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