What older people say about their rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unequal Treatment report

What older people say about their rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.
 _207_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/unequal-treatment-report-cover-2_1040x1471.jpgDespite the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on older people, they have rarely been heard in discussions on the pandemic.
The ‘Unequal treatment’ report brings together the individual voices of older people from around the world and reflects what they have to say about their experience.
It features the voices of older people in Argentina, Canada, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Rwanda and Spain.
Download the report in ArabicEnglishRussian and Spanish.

Key findings

Older people’s responses on human rights revealed five key findings:
  1. Discrimination on the basis of age
  2. Services failing to reach everyone
  3. Gaps in understanding rights
  4. Changes older people would like to see
  5. What changes a UN convention would bring

Benefits of a UN convention

Older people’s experiences and existing human rights law suggest a UN convention on the rights of older people would create:
  • A solid base for a fairer society
  • A way to access better services
  • A clear guide
  • A driver for change

Country summaries

Click on the country flag to find out what older people have to say about their rights during COVID-19.

 _907_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/upload/1-04032021111612.jpg  _886_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/upload/1-04032021105432.jpg  _123_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/upload/1-04032021111432.jpg

Spanish translation for Argentina and Dominican Republic.

 _718_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/upload/1-04032021112206.jpg  _860_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/upload/1-04032021112401.jpg  _541_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/upload/1-04032021112457.jpg

Spanish translation for Spain.

 _847_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/upload/1-04032021112643.jpg  _913_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/upload/1-04032021113335.jpg  _159_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/upload/1-04032021113042.jpg

Arabic translation for Jordan. Russian translation for Kyrgyzstan.



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