Two years of war in Ukraine through the eyes of older people

24 February 2024 marks two years since Russian tanks entered Ukraine and the full-scale war began. Throughout this challenging period, HelpAge International has been a steadfast source of support for people of all ages, particularly older people, offering essential aid to those affected by the crisis.

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Film - We are still here

The full-scale war in Ukraine has upended the lives of millions. Among the worst affected was the older population. “We are still here” is a reminder of their ongoing struggles, their significance and determination.
They are still here. And so is the war.

Situation overview

The humanitarian situation remains dire, with millions affected and a significant portion of the population in urgent need of assistance.

  • 21.3 million people affected.
  • 17.6 million people or 49% of the current population in need of humanitarian assistance.
  • 6.3 million internally displaced persons, 39% of them have been displaced more than once.
  • 9 million people over the age of 60 before Russia’s full-scale invasion.
  • Only 5.4% of the refugees arriving in Europe from Ukraine are over 65.
  • 90% of older people unable to pay for even basic medical needs.

Our support

Since day one, HelpAge has been at the forefront of providing humanitarian support in Ukraine through our extensive network of volunteers and partners.

Life finds a way: resolve and resilience of older people in Ukraine

“I know things are a bit messy now, but I’m sticking around for the cleanup!”

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Interview with Victoriia Panchenko on survival and support amidst war in Ukraine

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How we are supporting older people in Ukraine

HelpAge has been working in Ukraine since 2014. Our staff and volunteers provide humanitarian assistance to older people of Ukraine both within the country and abroad.

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