"This is a big success for all of us: SAWAKA, HelpAge International and all other organisations working with and for older people. We are happy other people have acknowledged that.'' Livingstone Byekwaso, Programme Coordinator, Saidia Wazee Karagwe (SAWAK

HelpAge Affiliates in Tanzania awarded



Anders Hylander

“This is a big success for all of us: SAWAKA, HelpAge International and all other organisations working with and for older people. We are happy other people have acknowledged that.”

Livingstone Byekwaso, Programme Coordinator, Saidia Wazee Karagwe (SAWAKA).

 _659_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/blogs/_1323867163.jpgTwo weeks ago HelpAge’s Affiliates in Tanzania, Saidia Wazee Karagwe (SAWAKA) and Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI) competed with over 500 other organisations to be awarded for their work to improve lives of older people. The awards were given by the Foundation for Civil Society of Tanzania (FCS).

SAWAKA won two trophies. One was “The Best Grantee in the Policy Sector” and the other “Overall Best Winner”. PADI won “The Civil Society Excellence Award 2011 Second Runner-up”.

These awards have raised great awareness of our network and its work in Tanzania and throughout east Africa.

The work SAWAKA and PADI do is truly inspirational and should be shared across the HelpAge Network. The way they have planned and carried out their programmes is a great example of development at its best and we can all learn from them.

Advocating older people’s rights 

SAWAKA is a NGO that advocates the rights of older people and vulnerable groups in Tanzania. They are located in the Karagwe region and have successfully established good links with the local government.

They run a number of community-based projects to support older people. These include sharing information with older people about their civic and legal rights, projects to improve housing and activities which support older people in earning an income. They are also part of our and Age UK’s Sponsor a Grandparent scheme.

SAWAKA runs another project that encourages school children to raise money to support older people in their community. The project encourages interaction between generations and raises awareness of the issues older people face with the general public.

PADI aims to improve the lives and social welfare of older people, the disabled and the poor. They operate across Tanzania, with their head office in Songea Municipal. 

PADI mainly works on HIV and AIDS projects. These include working with communities to make them aware of the needs of vulnerable older people regarding prevention and treatment of HIV

They work at grassroots level to alleviate poverty in rural and urban areas. They also help to build water wells and provide training and loans to small businesses and farmers. 

The selection process 

The selection process for the Best Grantee award was tough. An independent consultant contracted by the FCS collected information on all the shortlisted organisations. They also conducted interviews with staff and prepared a documentary report which was used in the judging process. 

The criteria taken into account included:

  • organisational creativity in designing and implementing projects,
  • ability to implement good governance projects,
  • ability to design and implement projects with vulnerable groups,
  • ability to affect policy change citizen’s participation and involvement. 

The Civil Society Excellence Award was given on the basis of similar criteria, including the quality of services delivered and how sustainable the programmes are

SAWAKA and PADI have worked in partnership with HelpAge for many years and we are very proud to be associated which such great organisations. Congratulations!

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