In Nepal, we are working with local partners to help older people secure a livelihood, access healthcare and claim their rights. We work in 14 districts and 61 villages from the far west, Kailali, to the east, in Ilam and Jhapa.

HelpAge has helped to set up 61 older people's associations across the country. They are local groups run by older people for older people. They help to reduce poverty in rural areas by creating community projects, opportunities for self-employment and solidarity among members. We build evidence of older people's situations through older people's associations and use this to influence social and development issues in Nepal.

Life story: Dewaki

Dewaki lost her husband and her home in the 2015 Nepal earthquake (c) Yog Raj Sharma/HelpAge International

(c) Yog Raj Sharma/HelpAge International

Dewaki lost her husband and her home in the 2015 Nepal earthquake

Dewaki lives in Gerkhu in Nepal's Nuwakot district. The earthquake on 25 April 2015 killed her husband and razed her home to the ground. 

"It was around midday. Both of us were sitting under the shade in front of our house after having breakfast. All of a sudden the ground shook violently. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do. My husband grabbed my hands to pull me inside the house. As he stepped inside, everything fell on him, but I was still outside. I fainted. I don't know what happened afterwards. When I woke up my husband’s soul had left this world," she said.

"I have four sons. All of them live separately with their own families. They don’t care for us. My husband was my only friend, caregiver and supporter. He was my everything."

Dewaki was injured during the earthquake, but has been recovering gradually. HelpAge has given her a 7,500 Nepalese rupee (US$75) grant, which she used to buy medicine, while keeping some aside in case of another emergency. 

Supporting older people in Nepal

In the last year, we have worked to support older people in several areas:

Earthquake response

  • We granted unconditional cash transfers of 7,500 Nepalese rupees to 10,516 older people in 11 of the 14 earthquake-affected districts.
  • We built 2,996 temporary shelters for older people whose homes were destroyed.
  • We helped 618 older people in five earthquake-affected districts to join older people's associations.

Income security

  • Through supporting small businesses and entrepreneurship, we have helped 4,840 older people have a more secure income.


  • We screened 30,647 older people for cataracts and carried out 5,028 cataracts operations across Nepal.

What next?

In the next year, we will continue working to support older people by:

  • supporting the livelihoods of 4,000 older people.
  • preparing 61 villages for future disasters.
  • hosting health camps in 61 villages.

Our partners

Action Works Nepal, Ageing Nepal, Alzheimer's Related Dementa Society, Community Self-reliance Centre, Community Support Group, Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity, Hope Hermitage Nepal, National Senior Citizen's Federation, Nepal Participatory Action Network (NEPAN), Women for Human Rights: Single Women's Group.

Our donors

Age International, Disasters Emergency Committee, MAC Foundation, Optimumus Foundation.

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Striking facts

  • Nepal ranks 157 out of 187 in the United Nations Human Development Index.

  • Around 9% of Nepal's population of 27 million is 60 or over.
  • One male out of every four households is out of the country. This means that more dependency and reliance is placed on the remaining family members, particularly older people.

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