HelpAge has been working with affiliates and partners in Bangladesh since 1991. We set up our Bangladesh country office in 2009 to support older people and their families.

We work in several different areas including emergency responses, disaster risk reduction, older citizen's monitoring, improving older people's access to their rights and entitlements, empowering older people's associations to campaign and influencing social pensions policy.

Life story: Deljaan, 70

"I was very ill due to malnutrition. No one was there to look after me as I lived alone. I didn't have enough money to live or a source of income. We gave Deljaan a goat and some training on how to look after livestock. We gave Deljaan a goat and some training on how to look after livestock. (c) Manna Rahman/HelpAge International

"Then one day someone came from HelpAge International and selected me to be part of one of their projects.

"I received a goat from them and they also provided training on goat rearing. They also gave me some warm clothes in the winter and connected me to nearby community health clinics.

"Now I am in much better health. I can work at a local restaurant. My goat gave birth to three kids. I sold one of them and spent that the money to rebuild my home.

"I'm now happy with my life. I'm safe from the cold and have an income."

Supporting older people in Bangladesh

  • Over 29,000 older people and their family members have benefited from our community-based work in the past 12 months.
  • We have helped 1,100 older people recover from emergency situations.
  • 40 older people's associations have received support so they can successfully earn a living.
  • Over 83,000 older people took part in the Age Demands Action campaign

Ageing in Bangladesh

What next?

In the next 12 months:

  • We will contribute to policy reform of cash transfer programmes through mobile technology.
  • A small urban social care project will be started in an urban slum to develop a model to support the urban poor.

Our Affiliates

Bangladesh Women's Health Coalition (BWHC), Resource Integration Centre (RIC), Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM).

Our partners

Bangladesh Institute for Theatre Arts (BITA), Bangladesh Resource Centre for Indigenous Knowledge (BARCIK), BOHUBRIHI, Barendrabhumi Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (BSDO), Dimension Action Alliance (Alzheimer Society of Bangladesh, Sir William Beveridge Foundation, HelpAge International and Alzheimer’s Disease International).

Our donors

European Union, Margaret A. Carghill Foundation

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Striking facts

  • According to the Global AgeWatch Index around 11.2 million people are over 60.

  • Around 43% of older people in Bangladesh live in poverty.

  • Nearly 2.5 million receive an old age allowance of 400 taka (US$5) per month.

  • Only 0.92 million single older women receive widow allowance of 400 taka (US$5) per month.

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