Learn about HelpAge Network members in Oceania.


Council on the Ageing

Serving the interests of Australian seniors since 1951, Council on the Ageing (COTA) promotes, improves and protects the circumstances and wellbeing of older people in Australia. They focus on national policy issues through research and consultation with its members.

COTA aims to represent the views of older people throughout Australia to governments and the media by looking at a range of areas such as income, health and social care, housing, transport, recreational activities and rights.

COTA also develops innovative programmes which are delivered by its members. They currently offer two national peer education programmes − one on healthy ageing and one on depression.

Last but not least, COTA has over 1,000 member organisations around Australia representing more than half a million older people, and a direct membership of over 50,000 older people.

COTA became a HelpAge global network member in 2010.



Fiji Council of Social Services/FCOSS HelpAge Centre

Established in 1991, FCOSS HelpAge Centre is a civil society organisation that strengthens communities in Fiji through advocacy and training.

Their vision is of a Fiji free from inequality, where all people are valued and respected. FCOSS works locally, nationally and internationally in a number of areas including disaster risk reduction, health, climate change, social protection, HIV and AIDS and rights. Their work also includes training other civil society organisations, reaching 200 community leaders and 10,000 vulnerable people annually.

FCOSS conducts seminars on healthy ageing as well as workshops on social justice, social security and social protection which reach thousands of people every year. Finally, FCOSS collaborates with ten government committees and five civil society groups.

The organisation has worked with HelpAge International since its establishment and is involved in the HelpAge network’s Age Demands Action campaign.