HelpAge has worked in Bolivia since 1991, supporting the most vulnerable older people through a network of affiliates and partners. HelpAge in Bolivia works on the following areas:

  • Rights and governance: Promoting and reinforcing older people’s rights.
  • Secure incomes: Developing ways for older people to earn an income, so they can live secure and dignified lives.
  • Health: Ensuring older people’s access to the Older People’s Health Insurance (SSPAM).
  • Disaster risk reduction, emergencies and climate change: Supporting the reduction of older people’s vulnerability to natural disasters.
  • Gender: Promoting the empowerment of older women.
  • Migration: Mitigating the impact of migration on older people and their grandchildren.

Life story: Carlos, 74

Campaigner Carlos from Bolivia

Carlos is 74. He has been actively involved with HelpAge as part of our grassroots Age Demands Action campaign in Bolivia since 2007. 
He has used this platform to fight for the Bolivian government to recognise the needs of older people when it comes to health, income and social protection. 
In Bolivia 52% of older people live in poverty and only 17% have access to any retirement income.
For years, Carlos strived to get Bolivia to pass a law that protects older people and finally, on 1 May 2013, the government approved the General Law for Older People.
“This is a great achievement for us as an organisation, but also for ADA as it proved itself as an effective platform to deliver policy change through government,” Carlos said.
He believes that to have a significant impact older people’s organisations should join together to make their voice louder

Supporting older people in Bolivia


  • We have set up 34 socio-legal centres to provide older people with information and services on their rights and entitlements. 
  • Harnessing the messaging of ADA, we influenced the national government to review existing laws relevant to older people in Bolivia and demand that changes be implemented.

Secure income, food security and social protection

  • We carried out a study on older people living in three municipalities in Bolivia that have high levels of migration and poverty.
  • Working with two partners boasting over 30 years of development experience, we created a consortium for economic development and ageing


  • We have helped improve the healthcare of older people suffering from dementia by increasing early detection through the country’s first laboratory that specialises in the condition.

Disaster risk reduction and climate change

  • Through technical assistance, we have strengthened the capability of government officials when it comes to preparing for and responding to emergencies, as well as improving accountability during a crisis.
    The Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies in Bolivia joined humanitarian aid protocols for the care, protection and recovery on ageing, which were proposed by HelpAge.

What next? 

  • We will contribute to the implementation of the General Law of Older People and its regulations.
  • We willhelp to consolidate the 34 socio-legal centres for older people.
  • We will promote projects on health, emergencies and income to help improve the lives of older people.

We're helping older people cope with natural disasters:

Our Affiliates

Fundación Horizontes, Sumaj Punchay.

Our partners

FUNDEPCO, Comunidad Aymarás Urbanos de Pampajasi (CAUP - Awichas), Consorcio de Agencia Humanitarias de Bolivia (CBHA), Promotores Agropecuarios (PROAGRO), Instituto Politécnico Tomás Katari (IPTK), Fundación Horizontes and 34 socio-legal centres around the country.

Our donors

The Inter-American Development Bank

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Striking facts

  • More than half (55%) of older people continue to work. 
  • 52% of older people live in moderate poverty. 
  • Only 17% of older adults have an income in retirement.

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