East Asia and Pacific

Since 1988, we have worked with partners across the East Asia and Pacific region to run projects, carry out research and raise awareness of older people's issues.

We work with more than 40 partners providing services for older people, and training governments, academic institutions and development organisations in how they can provide better support to older people.

HelpAge and its partners share insights and experiences and together we actively lobby governments to provide better health services, care at home and income security.

We have also launched AgeingAsia.org, an initiative of HelpAge's network members in East Asia and Pacific (and funded by the European Union) to facilitate information sharing among individuals and organisations committed to improving the lives of older people.

Where we work in East Asia and Pacific

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We work in the following countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, The Philippines and Indonesia.

Supporting older people in East Asia and Pacific

  • Since 1994, a volunteer-based model of home care and home help has been delivered across 10 ASEAN countries. This approach has been recognised and supported by some governments and other development organisations where national guidelines have been approved in four countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia) and are in progress in two others (Cambodia and Myanmar). The most striking illustration of our success is the adoption of a home care approach in the 2011-15 ASEAN Strategic Framework for Social Welfare and Development.
  • In Thailand, 1,760 older people now have better access to care, an improved income and food security as a result of our work.
  • In Vietnam, we have provided support to our local partners to establish 185 community-based clubs or older people’s associations in North Central Vietnam that strengthen community links and help older people support each other, increasing the number of clubs to nearly 600.
  • Through older people’s associations and Village Development Committees in Myanmar, we helped more than 4,500 of the poorest and most vulnerable households, providing seeds and fertiliser for farming, nets and fishing boats, vaccinations for livestock or loans to set up small businesses.
  • In China, 1,680 older people's association leaders, 280 village health volunteers, 30 health centre staff have been trained on older people's health and age-friendly primary healthcare.
  • HelpAge supports older people and their families in the Philippines when disasters strike. Community service radio announcements raise awareness of older people’s needs and roles in disaster prevention activities.

What next?

  • We will campaign on the need for pensions - carrying out research and advising governments.
  • We will help older people in poor rural areas start up small businesses or learn skills that will earn them money.
  • We will work to make sure that all countries put in place programmes to provide care for older people at home.
  • We will make sure older people's needs are recognised when disasters strike.

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Striking facts

  • Two thirds of the world’s older people live in the region

  • Most older people here have worked in informal jobs – so aren’t likely to get a pension from their employer

  • The number of people over 65 living in Asia will rise from 207 million in 2000 to 857 million in 2050

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