HelpAge's work in Jamaica aims at tackling age discrimination, promoting solidarity between generations and moving towards a society for all ages.

Our main areas of work are:

  • secure incomes
  • health
  • HIV and AIDS and social care
  • disaster risk reduction
  • human rights and justice.

We use various methods including older citizens' monitoring whereby older citizens monitor the availability and impact of older people's services. It means we work closely with partners and elders from older people's groups and senior citizens clubs who act as monitors.

We also help older people to earn an income with our chicken rearing programmes. As a result of this partnership over 100 older people-headed households were able to earn an income.

HelpAge Jamaica also takes part in the global Age Demands Action campaign where older people across Jamaica are trained in advocacy and brought together to ask relevant government authorities for improvements to policies and services.

Highlighting the difficulties older Jamaicans face

Supporting older people in Jamaica

  • We conducted small business development training with more than 1,500 people.
  • We organised community health and information fairs giving better access to health care and medication, benefiting more than 3,000 people.
  • Recognising our work on migration issues, the Government of Jamaica has included HelpAge in the steering committee to come up with a policy and plan of action on migration. This means when the policy is being framed, older people's needs and how they are impacted by migration will be considered.

What next?

  • We will help multi-generational households affected by migration by giving them better access to benefits.
  • Throughout 2012, we will carry out a project, funded by ECHO, to train older people who are vulnerable to hurricanes and floods. One element of the work will be to develop plans with older people and their communities so they are better prepared for natural disasters.

Our affiliates

St. Catherine Community Development Agency (SACDA), Action Ageing Jamaica

Our partners

Hope for Children and Development Company Ltd (HCDC), Children First AgencyNational Council for Senior Citizens, Jamaica Red Cross

Our donors

Irish Aid, Internationaal Fonds voor Kwetsbare Ouderen (IFKO), UNFPA, UNDP/EU,

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Striking facts

  • Latest figures show one in ten people in the Caribbean is over 60.

  •  This age group will make up more than one fifth of the population by 2025.

  • Average life expectancy is 74.

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