Our work in Moldova began in 2000 through our partner Second Breath and the HelpAge office in Chisinau was set up in 2005. We have a network of 15 organisations involved in our work and over 300 volunteers. We also work with 15 older people's groups and across 15 project sites in Moldova.

Older people in Moldova face many challenges and are extremely vulnerable due to inadequate social security, the high prices of medicines and limited access to quality healthcare.

Annually we support over 1,600 older people directly through home-visiting and over 8,000 indirectly who are involved in our work by taking part in information sessions, community activities, social events and campaigns.

Life story: Grigore, 84

"I live in the village of Seleste. I’ve been a widower for eight years now. With my wife, I raised a house full of children and now, in my old age, I am left alone to manage my household and my poor health. A photo from an exhibition on elder abuse. We're working to protect older people from violence and abuse. This image is taken from a photo exhibition we organised to raise awareness of the issue. (c) Dorin Goian

"Previously my children, who live in the neighbouring village, would come over to check on me and my health more often, but now they have their own families and they visit me less often. I’m only visited by a volunteer and social worker.

"I have been involved in this project since the beginning and I receive regular moral, medical and social support. Project volunteers come to measure my blood pressure and take me out for a walk for a breath of fresh air, as I have mobility problems.

"Volunteers also bring me food packages. In the beginning, I was embarrassed, but then I accepted them because I needed them and by saving money on food, I can buy some medicines.

"With the support of the volunteer, I was also included in the list of beneficiaries at the canteen run by Concordia and I get hot meals. I’m very thankful for this project that supports older people like myself and I feel lucky that I was included in it."

Supporting older people in Moldova


  • Through the Age Demands Action campaign, we increased awareness of older people's rights and the UN Open-ended Working Group on Ageing.
  • In October 2013, we presented a report on the implementation of the CEDAW convention by the Moldovan government to the UN Commission in Geneva. As a result, the committee made a number of recommendations to the government including the need to protect women of all ages from violence, increasing access to healthcare for older women and collecting data in the next census which is disaggregated by sex and age.


  • 3,687 people over 55 now have better access to basic healthcare and improved their health-status as a result of medical tests to measure their blood pressure, weight and sugar levels among other things. 

What next?

Our next steps are to:

  • Continue to develop our volunteers and advocate for the recognition of the work older people do as volunteers.
  • Challenge elder abuse and rights infringements, and work on monitoring and preventing of elder abuse.
  • Continue to develop self-help groups to support older people to manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension.
  • Develop the HelpAge Moldova network and build partnerships to work effectively with and for older men and women.

Our Affiliates

Balti Moldova

Our partners

the NGO Gender Centre, Inspiration Organisation, Comrat, Association of Veterans from Ialoveni, Women's Club Comunitate, Carabetovca/Basarabeasca, Artizana, Manta/Cahul, Women's Club Speranta, Lapusna/Hincesti, Pro-Democratia, Satul Nou/Cimis¬lia, Older People's Hope from North of Moldova, Trinca/Edinet, Soarta from Soroca town, Demnitate, Orhei, Avante, Cazangic/Leova, Association of Parents and Teachers/Tareuca, Association of Parents and Teachers/Sîrcova, St. Dumitru/Saharna, Charity/Echimăuți.

Our donors

European Commission, UNICEF, UNFPA, World Jewish Relief, UN Women, Swiss Red Cross.

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Striking facts

  • The average pension in Moldova is 837 Moldovan leu, just US$69.

  • In 2014, older people in Moldova represent 15.7% of the population.

  • By 2050, older people will constitute 35% of the total population of Moldova.

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