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Meet an Age Demands Activist in Kenya

01 Oct 2010

Pius, ADA spokespersonThis year, I am very excited to be picked as the spokesperson for Age Demands Action. I took part last year and we feel we got our point across. This year, I am in the delegation going to the Ministry of Finance.  Last year, the government gave us a small pension, but it was set as a pilot project so not many older people are getting the money. It is a start, but still, the Kshs. 1500 (about US$20) we receive is too little. We are asking the government to make sure that all older people receive the pensions and the amount is increased.

We are resourceful but still need some assistance

I live in Misiani which is slightly less than 2 hours drive from Nairobi. It is quite dry there, and farming has been quite a challenge for us. Thankfully, we are resourceful, and due to the assistance from HelpAge, our group of older persons has set up income generating activities. We still need some assistance, and that is why we would like the pension to be increased.

Getting involved in Age Demands Action has been a blessing for me

Getting involved in Age Demands Action has been a blessing for me. I now have the knowledge to advocate for myself and other older people. I also have the confidence to talk to other older people to convince them to get involved in ADA and other campaigns to advocate for the rights of older people.

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Pius Musimba
Country: Kenya
Job title: ADA spokesperson

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