Age Demands Action is a unique, grassroots movement of campaigners across the world, where young and old fight for a better and fairer world for older people.


ADA graphicis a campaign that has helped older people find their voice since 2007.


Check out these fresh and funny 60-second films from top young advertising creatives from around the world - made just for Age Demands Action.


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Support the campaign by signing the Age Demands Action petition.

What happens on Age Demands Action days?

On three key dates each year, groups of older people from all over the world lobby their local and national governments on the issues most important to them, such as healthcare, human rights and pensions.

Campaigners of all ages join marches, debates and petition signings.

How can I support Age Demands Action?

What do we want to achieve?

Check out our impact timeline to see what our campaigners have achieved since 2007.

Internationally, we are calling for a UN convention to protect older people's rights by law.

Age Demands Action: Steering Group

Age Demands Action Steering Group

Meet the older men and women who directly shape the Age Demands Action campaign.

Age Demands Action: Training manual

Campaign training manual (c) Alexandra Vydmanova

Our campaigning manual aims to strengthen your knowledge, skills and confidence to grow as a campaigner, so you can help make changes within your community and society.

Take a look at the Campaign training manual.

Our impact

Our Age Demands Action impact timeline highlights the changes older people around the world have made since the campaign began in 2007.

Age Demands Action blogs

Read Age Demands Action blogs from campaigners and HelpAge staff.

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