Age Demands Action is a unique movement of campaigners across the world, where young and old fight for a better and fairer world for older people.

During three campaign pushes each year, groups of older people lobby their local and national governments on the issues most important to them, such as pensions and healthcare.

And campaigners of all ages join marches, debates and petition signings.

Internationally, Age Demands Action is calling for a UN convention to protect older people's rights by law.


ADA graphicAge Demands Action activists want a better and fairer world for older people.


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Join the fight and sign the Age Demands Action petition!

Six ways to ADA:

1. See if HelpAge International or one of our affiliates works in your country and contact their office to join your national movement.

2. Sign the ADA petition calling for a UN convention for older people's rights.

3. Subscribe to our Age Demands Action eNewsletter to keep up-to-date with the campaign.

4. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

5. Download our campaign training manual and become an ADA activist!

6. Watch our fresh and funny ADA adverts made for us free of charge by top advertising creatives!

ADA Impact

Campaigners in Indonesia march for Age Demands Action 2013

This ADA timeline shows what older people around the world have demanded of their governments and the impact their efforts have had since Age Demands Action began in 2007.

ADA Global 

An older couple in Gaza City. (c) Sarah Marzouk/HelpAge International

On 1 October, the International Day of Older Persons, older people call on their decision makers to take action on issues important to them.

Internationally, ADA wants a UN convention on the rights of older people.

ADA for Rights

Older people in Haiti campaign for their rights

To mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, on 15 June, older campaigners across the world raise awareness of elder abuse and lobby their governments.

Find out more about Age Demands Action for Rights!

ADA for Health


On 7 April, World Health Day, campaigners called on their national governments for better access to healthcare. Find out what happened.

ADA Steering Group

Age Demands Action Steering Group

Meet the older men and women who directly shaping the Age Demands Action campaign.

Campaign training manual

Campaign training manual (c) Alexandra Vydmanova

This manual aims to strengthen older people’s knowledge, skills and confidence to grow as campaigners and change their communities and societies for the better.

Download the campaign manual.


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