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Age Demands Action documentary airs in Jamaica!

05 Oct 2010

Kenneth at an ADA event last yearKenneth Hemley, 70

"This is what I think about the Age Demands Action activities and the documentary on Friday morning (1st October) on CVM Television, Jamaica.

We made a good start in informing the government of our plight

The documentary was good and I hope that something good will come out of it for the older people of our nation. We have made a good start in informing the government of our plight and some of the things that are happening to older people in Jamaica, especially the less fortunate who are living in poverty. They desperately need help.

No one should be living in such conditions

The part of the documentary that was most interesting was about the living conditions of our seniors. No one should be living in such conditions. And I hope someone from the Senior Citizens' Council, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Social Welfare will look at this documentary and try their best to do something for these older people.

Because of the tropical storm that passed over Jamaica, our Age Demands Action activities were limited and so much of what I have said surrounds the main activity that we were able to do and that is producing and airing the documentary."

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