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07 Apr 2011

Two years ago, we asked you for your views on our publications, newsletters, blogs and social media.

We then used your comments to give you what you wanted:

A winning website

The main way we wanted to improve our communication with you was investing in our website.

We took on as much of your feedback as possible and have added lots of interactive features to the website, such as:

  • More photo galleries
  • More videos
  • Reader comments on news articles and other pages
  • An improved blog section, with regularly updated content from affiliates and partners from around the globe.

The new site launched in September 2010 and we are extremely pleased with the results and it seems many of you were too!

Here are some of the comments we received:

"I just came across your site and was really into the energy and passion behind your blog."
Daniel, USA

"I love your new site! I really do. It just brings everything alive. It's bright and easy to navigate. You've done a fantastic job."
Elizabeth, UK

"I have to be honest: I'm very impressed, such wonderful work you did. The website is perfect, clear and invites visitors to want more and more. I visited the Mozambique blog, it's perfect as well."
Tima, Mozambique

An evolving eNewsletter

An overwhelming majority of you said you liked receiving our e-newsletter but some of you weren't keen on the design.

So in February this year, we sent out a newly-designed version that included:

  • Different sections
  • Lots of photos and links
  • Prominent links to our social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube.

We received loads of positive and constructive responses so we thought we would share some:

"Well done on the new design of HelpAge International Newsletter. I am having a good time surfing through it all. Once more I say "well done" and please keep up the good work."
Mildred, region unknown

"Thank you. I enjoy reading the issues around the world from this publication. The simple manner in which it is written makes it easier to read and to see the pictures is great."
Dorothy, South Africa

"Thank you so much for sending me this e-newsletter. I do enjoy reading this. You are educating people about ageing issues. My submission is that if you could cover more and more issues of older women from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and other Asian countries as well."
Ferdous, Bangladesh

Future feedback

As you can see, your input is essential to us and we take it very seriously.

However, we are constantly seeking to improve the way we communicate as our ways of working and the technology we use are always evolving.

So now it's time for us find out your thoughts again.

We would love to hear your feedback. If you have some time to spare, please fill in our survey. You could even win a bag of HelpAge goodies!

Get involved! 

Your comments

B.Ravinder raju (M.S.W)

Thank you for sending news letter to me and i am also taken some of oldage persons photographs visiting some place of andhra pradesh. And i am also interesting to write the stories for elder people and i think this news letter is very useful to us. with regards, Ravinder raju (Social Worker) Hyderabad.Cellno:+91 9666 77 1253

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Jane Scobie
Country: UK
Job title: Head of Network Development

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