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  • Mohammed Ariff Billa (22nd March 2015)

    I am more than 55 years each one of us have to be old if life even a fraction of a second of the future is unknown ---education is the light of the life.

  • Arnaldo Rojas Palacios (28th March 2014)

    Muchas Bendiciones, me gustaria tomar contacto con su organizacion, para conocer mas ,ya que a la fecha tengo el iderazgo en Adultos mayores en la Congregacion Ekklesia.

  • RAJ KHOSLA (7th September 2013)

    old people should be taken care of whatever the situation may be

  • hna.CARMEN GIL PEDRAZA (2nd June 2013)

    muy importante la divulgación de este tema tan urgente de tratar con nuestros gobernantes sobre todo el ministro de la salud, se lo reenviare este correo a varias personas que trabajamos por la población ADULTO MAYOR, estoy en El carmen de Bolívar-Cartagena Colombia, me gustaria aportar más en cuanto mi experiencia con las personas mayores .
    Dios y María Santísima los vean siempre muchas bendiciones.


  • Ghazala Shah (8th January 2013)

    More than anything else old people need psycho social and emotional support. They regress to their childhood age and need attention, care and time from their kin. it is important to understand their special needs to help them have maximum
    peaceful time during the farewell years of their life.....

  • James Tseyah (22nd June 2012)

    Assisting the older people is a holistic idea and should be encouraged.

  • Vinetta Dyte (15th February 2012)

    This is clear that older people are not passive receivers of benefits,and they are not a drain on the economy. Proper utility of their wisdom and experiences could help to solve many of the crises of the world. I am so impressed by their strength, resilience and determination in the face of problems, and their gratitude for the help they received. Well don Bolivia. You are an example to the rest of the world.

  • dominic (7th February 2012)

    helping to elder people is holy and blessed work towards God.

  • Sarah (21st November 2011)

    Hi Mahamoud, thanks for your comment. My name is Sarah, I work for HelpAge. If you want to be involved with HelpAge, maybe you could contact the local office nearest to you and ask them if they need help. All our offices are listed on the website here in the "where we work" section. Otherwise you can support us on social media, check out the jobs page on the site or donate to us. I hope that helps. Sarah.

  • Mohamoud Dagane (18th November 2011)

    I love the work you are doing. How can i get involved?

  • Onika Setia (31st August 2011)

    Yes! I like this film,and I agree with health ins. program

  • ranjith kumar gande (3rd July 2011)

    very good see the site

  • Lipi Saha (22nd June 2011)

    I think there should be the right spelling Dhaka but I really want to appriciate u all to put this heart touchy videos on line

  • imran (26th September 2010)

    i like this video


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