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The next few days could change the lives of billions

23 September 2015

The next few days could quite literally change the lives of billions of people and shape the future of our planet. At the end of this week, world leaders will gather in New York for the United Nations Sustainable Development... Keep reading


Changing the lives of older refugees in Gambella

21 January 2015

I recently flew to Gambella, which I had heard is a very intimidating environment, as the dire situation of the refugees, coupled with harsh conditions of weather and lack of amenities, could make my field visit very difficult. Well,... Keep reading


Darfur: Older people still hard at work

12 June 2013

As I stepped down last week from the World Food Programme's helicopter in Habila, West Darfur; the extreme heat hit me. Then driving down the dusty road on my way to a HelpAge project, the driver told me that... Keep reading (2 Comments)


Restoring older peoples sight in Sudan

28 May 2013

Since 2003, HelpAge International has supported older people and their families in Darfur by providing access to free medical services and eye care. As part of our recent Age Demands Action on Health activities, HelpAge organised several eye camps... Keep reading


UNJUST: Older peoples needs in emergencies are being ignored

06 March 2013

The impact of disasters on ageing societies has already happened in more developed countries, with over two-thirds of the deaths from the 2011 Japan tsunami over the age of 60. This changing demographic picture is fast becoming a global... Keep reading

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