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Age Demands Action update!

19 Sep 2012

This year is shaping up to be our biggest Age Demands Action yet. In the campaign's sixth year, 61 countries will take part on 1 October - the UN International Day of Older Persons. And for the very first time, Macedonia and St Vincent will be joining the campaign.

We expect over 60,000 campaigners to take action and meet Ministers, Presidents and local authorities across the world. During campaign planning meetings that took place in August and early September, older people discussed which politicians they will be meeting and what their demands are. They will be demanding that their rights to healthcare and social protection are respected and will call for an end to elder abuse.

In Latin America, the main focus is on the regional convention on older people's rights. In places like the Philippines, Finland, Fiji and Costa Rica the campaign will bridge the gap between younger and older generations.

With marches, human chains and press events we expect to reach over 50 million people with our message. Below are just some examples from the campaign planning meetings that have already taken place.

Age Demands Action in Latin America

Age Demands Action in ChileIn Argentina, a campaign to get people to sign our petition in support of a convention for older people's rights will take place.

In Colombia, there will be ADA action across the country. A forum will take place in Cartagena with the local mayor and a large workshop will take place in Bogotá. Campaigners will focus on demanding a universal social pension.

In Costa Rica, our Affiliate AGECO is organising an intergenerational walkathon through San Jose. Banners, posters and signs will also be posted in the city to promote active ageing.

In Peru, the focus of the campaign is to expand the coverage of the current non-contributory pension to all districts of Peru. This will be done by organising a forum in Congress.

In Panama City, a meeting will take place on 1 October which will include representatives of the Commission on Population of the National Assembly and will demand for more effective laws on social protection.

Organisations in Ecuador will deliver a public awareness campaign on older people's rights.

ADA in Bolivia will include awareness raising activities along with promoting older people's rights. In Chaco, for example, older people will ask for sports centres to be provided.

In Chile, their ADA campaign will demand better healthcare, pensions, public transport and dignified treatment for older people. The ultimate focus is for Chile to make a plan of action to secure a convention for older people's rights.

Age Demands Action in the Caribbean

A delegation of older people in Jamaica will be meeting with the Minister of Labour and Social Security and a famous band the Jolly Boys are supporting ADA again this year.

Representatives of 12 older people's associations in Haiti have selected three areas for their campaign: Health, food and neglect. Based on this, a delegation of eight older people will meet the Prime Minister's Chief of Cabinet.

In the Dominican Republic, ADA campaign representatives will meet with members of their government to ask for the enforcement of Law 87-01 which requires the government to grant a pension to all people over 65.

Age Demands Action in East Asia and the Pacific

Our campaign partners in the Phillipines will hold an intergenerational concert which will hopefully be attended by representatives from the Department of Social Welfare and Development, National Anti-Poverty Commission and the Commission on Human Rights.

In Indonesia, the Minister of Health, Dr Nafsiah Mboi has been invited to attend a walkathon in Jakarta. On 1 October, our partner YEL's Executive Director will also speak live on national television about the need for a UN convention on older people's rights. And our partner YTA has already held a march to raise awareness of older people's needs.

In Fiji, our partners and other NGOs will be organising events from 1-6 October to raise awareness of the impact of an ageing population and the need to ensure people can grow old with dignity.

Age Demands Action in Europe and the Middle East

Older people in Finland will challenge citizens and future municipal decision makers to work for good and active ageing. The president of the republic Sauli Niinistö is the campaign's patron.

In the occupied Palestinian territory, the campaign will follow up on health insurance for older people and age-friendly spaces. On 1 October, ADA leader Mr Shehada will give a speech to the Minister of Social Affairs, Minister of Health, Ministry of Economic and Agriculture and Minister of Labour.

The Independent Commission for Human Rights will also lead a workshop about older people's rights for students, lawyers, journalists and people from local NGOs with an aim to get a list of recommendations regarding older people's rights in Gaza.

Age Demands Action in South Asia

Age Demands Action in BangladeshThe UN International Day of Older Persons will be observed all over Bangladesh for the very first time. The day will be celebrated with the Ministry of Social Welfare and it will be the first time the government is involved.

Mauritius will be joining the campaign for the first time this year and will be focusing on social policy - including pensions, living standards and inclusion of older people in social and political life. A delegation of older people will be meeting with the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mr Ibrahim Ibrahimi to discuss these issues.

Age Demands Action in Africa

In Ethiopia, ten older delegates will meet with six government decision makers, three international organisations, two media houses and two federations. Policy asks at these meetings will focus on the inclusion of older people in strategic planning, as well as raising awareness of older people's issues through care, support and treatment activities.

Find out more about Age Demands Action.

Sign our petition in support of a convention on older people's rights.

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