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Action/2015: new year, new action

13 Jan 2015

Many years have passed since I have been this excited to return to the office after New Year celebrations. I started my first day back with teleconferences, document reviews and discussions with media staff. This is an unusual start to my year, but it's definitely shaping up to be the most exciting yet.

On 15 January, the HelpAge network - along with over 1,000 civil society organisations across the world - are mobilising for a massive global launch of the action/2015 campaign. Action/2015 is a growing movement, which aims to make 2015 a critical year where we demand ambitious agreements on poverty, inequality and climate change for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs will affect the future of civil society, governments and the international community for the next 15 years. Action/2015 aims to ensure that when political leaders meet and make decisions on the SDGs at two major UN summits, they will feel the unavoidable pressure from the world's citizens and will be more likely to take urgent and decisive action on human rights and climate change.

Older people: the missing demographic from the SDGs

The world's population is changing at an unprecedented rate. We know that people aged 60 and over now make up nearly 12 % of the global population. However, the current SDG framework does not include specific demographic groups, so we are fighting for the inclusion of older people in the SDG process.

Throughout the action/2015 campaign we will be mobilising both younger and older people to help us ensure that the SDGs are specific enough to support people of all ages and abilities to realise their potential.

Action/2015 All Ages

Members of the action/2015 movement, including HelpAge International will be carrying out an array of exciting and inspiring launch activities on 15 January 2015 at national, local and community levels. The launch of action/2015 is an important opportunity to let the world know who we are, why we are coming together and to inspire others to join our fight for the rights of older people.

I am very excited to see the HelpAge network be a part of this important campaign. I'm looking forward to see what our partners and supporters will do over social media on 15 January. You can see some ideas below to inspire you.

Action/2015 All Ages activities

Bangladesh: HelpAge International with World Vision will host roundtables, a talk show, cycle processions, selfie campaigns and a human chain; mobilising four million people across the country and create a positive noise.

Kenya: HelpAge in Kenya with the Organisation of Africa Youth will bring together three well known older musicians and three young artists to develop a campaign song that will highlight the neglected issues of participation, livelihood and health affecting both older and younger people.

Ethiopia: HelpAge International will host radio spots and share "Leaving no one behind" materials to 500 citizens. One million people will have a chance to hear about the campaign through the radio.

Pakistan: HelpAge International, with the Awaz Foundation will take part in a "Sensitisation on ageing" workshop, and are planning other activities.

Bolivia: HelpAge Bolivia secured support from actress, Erika Andia who is demanding universal access to water within the new SDGs.

Actress Erika Andia for HelpAge International Bolivia

How you can get involved

You can show your support for action/2015 All Ages by taking part in our visual campaign. Download and print this pdf, write your name and the cause most important to you in the "I am" sections. Take a photo holding up the page and send it to the campaigns team and we will promote it through our channels. You can also post directly to Twitter using the #action2015 hashtag, and share images on the HelpAge International Facebook and Google+ pages.

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Buena Tarde Feliz aos 2015 esperando que Dios le colme de muchas bendiciones y salud para seguir trabajando y sirviendo a nuestros hermanos y hermanas bendiciones desde la Republica Dominicana su amiga Miriam de Hernandez.

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