Post-2015 and Sustainable Development Goals

How are we influencing the post-2015 process?

The 2015 deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals is fast approaching while discussions on shaping a vision for development beyond that date are intensifying. In this effort, we must address shifting demographics, especially the needs and concerns of the world's increasing number of older persons.

Ban ki-Moon, 1 October 2013 Lilian with her grandchildren, Ian and Paul We are campaigning for a post-2015 framework that takes into account global population ageing. (c) Phil Moore/Age International

We believe that a post-2015 framework that does not explicitly address the rights, needs and aspirations of older people cannot be considered legitimate nor will it be effective at tackling poverty.

With this in mind, we are committed to a number of campaign actions:

  1. With the HelpAge global network, we will ensure Governments at the national and UN level hear the voices of the world’s older people.
  2. We will develop a set of evidence-based indicators linked to our Global AgeWatch Index, which can be promoted with Governments, UN institutions and other relevant stakeholders.

  3. We will influence meetings of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development and ensure ageing is included in the Secretary General’s report to member states for the UN General Assembly in September 2014.

  4. We will continue to work and build alliances with key UN agencies and other civil society organisations.

  5. We will continue to develop a strong online profile through social media and the World We Want platform to raise awareness of the importance of including older people in the post-2015 process.

Our successes so far:

  • We successfully influenced session 4 and 5 of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals by securing HelpAge staff and ageing experts as speakers at these meetings.
  • We provided content on population ageing for the 2013 report of the Secretary-General entitled “A life of dignity for all”.
  • We successfully influenced the UN High-level Panel’s meetings in London, Monrovia and Bali, with the outcome reports from these meetings including some of our messages. We also made strong links to key panel members.
  • We contributed to the UN report on national and thematic consultations which includes older people, ageing, human rights, social protection and a call for better data.
  • We ensured older people’s inclusion in the DFID-funded global Participate research programme through our work with disability groups, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). This research aims to ensure that marginalised groups including older people and people with disabilities are heard throughout the post-2015 process.
  • Working with our European network, we successfully influenced the European Commission’s "A Decent Life For All" Communication, which formed the basis of the EU’s position at the UN Special Event on the MDGs in September 2013. This was achieved by, among other things, engaging older and younger activists, the European Commission and the UNFPA EU office at an event that focused on drawing attention to ageing issues in the post-2015 debate.

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  • Sanusi Taslim (17th April 2013)

    More seminairs required to improve old age healthy living.

  • serge buchu (30th March 2013)

    the world must do some things




  • Evarist Kyalimpa W (27th December 2012)

    Yes, Helpage Internanal is a wonderful job in the area of aging.However there is need to enhance and strengthen capacities of other actors especially in public sector through training of specialized human resources (Gerontologist) who would work as partners.
    Also Focus should be put to Older Persons in Urban centers especially those living in slums. This is because i have visited a number of slums in Kampala- Uganda and found out that Older Persons are living a miserable life, ye the authorities seems not bothered at all.
    Thanks for your good work to the world of vulnerable section of the society.

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