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Let's Make it Ageless: Solidarity between generations

24 Apr 2012

We've all seen it in the news: younger people are getting tired of the injustice and unfairness in this world.

Over the past few years since the global financial crisis, Europe has witnessed many protests, demonstrations and social unrest led by young people.

European citizens appear to be more disappointed by their governments than ever before. Research we recently commissioned found that only 30% of young Europeans expect their quality of life to be better in older age and 71% are concerned about the high cost of living and reduced pensions.

They are not alone...

Older people in developing countries are not just grandparents. They are often primary carers of grandchildren who have lost their parents or relatives who are sick. As carers, workers, teachers and leaders, older people make huge contributions to society. But they often do so without any support. No healthcare. No pensions. No break.

Through our global grassroots Age Demands Action campaign, older people are standing up for their rights. They are mobilising, campaigning and lobbying their governments to show them what needs to change in order for them, their children and grandchildren to have better lives.

Bridging the gap between young and older people

2012 is the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations and the perfect opportunity for HelpAge and Age Demands Action in Europe to bridge the gap between young Europeans and older campaigners in developing countries.

This new movement is called "Make it Ageless" and will inspire young people to show solidarity with older people in developing countries. Young people in several European countries have already become Make it Ageless champions by spending a week living with an older person and blogging about their experience in a "My week of getting old" challenge.

Together, they will call on the European Union (EU) to amend its development policies and programming guidelines so that older people's contributions and rights are recognised and supported in the EU's development work.

This is a critical time for younger people who are facing the same challenges that older people face today - unless they take action now.

We believe that the right to be heard is timelss. Let's Make it Ageless too!

How you can "Make it Ageless":

Watch the Make it Ageless film:

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