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Age Demands Action campaign photoblog: Pictures from around the world

12 Oct 2011

Welcome to the Age Demands Action campaign photoblog

People of all ages, from more than 50 countries, took part in our Age Demands Action (ADA) campaign this year, a global grassroots movement that aims to improve conditions for older people.

A focal point for the campaign was 1 October, the UN International Day of Older People, when people marched in the streets and delegations of older activists met politicians and key decision makers to demand action on older people's issues.

So as you can imagine, older people's groups, campaigners and supporters were very busy making plans and placards ahead of this important day - and have kindly sent in their pictures to prove it.

Remember, if you would like to support older people and their campaign for better conditions you can sign the Age Demands Action petition - you can even sign your own personal placard.

It's so exciting to see people's pictures from around the world, to read new placards and to see what everyone got up to.

We will keep you updated on their progress and the changes their campaigning achieved.


ADA - Sierra Leone

Campaigners display their demands for greater social protection and improved support for older people working in agriculture at an event in Makeni City Hall organised by Current Evangelical Ministries (CEM) Outreach in Sierra Leone. One of the messages displayed reads:

"Let us care and protect for the elderly for they made us what we are".

ADA Campaigners at Makeni City Hall in Sierra Leone call for greater social protection.

ADA - Sierra Leone

Members of the Ministry for Agriculture, the Ministry for Social Welfare and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation listened to ADA campaigners at Makeni City Hall. Over 70 older people presented officials with their concerns and called to change government policy to make it more age friendly. The campaign focused around plans to draft a National Policy on Ageing for Sierra Leone, the availability of cash transfers to people over 70, the extension of the retirement age and subsidised agricultural inputs such as fertilizer and seeds for older farmers and agricultural workers.

A rally was held in Makeni, which saw 15 older people's leaders and 63 campaigners participating in an ADA photo action where they displayed their ADA placards. An article was featured in the Standard Times and it is estimated that more than 20,000 people will have heard about the campaign.

ADA Coordinator, Mrs Magdalene Lansana reading out a special statement on older people at an ADA meeting attended by key governemnt officials at Makeni City Hall

ADA - Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic was one of nine countries in Latin America where older people took action on the International Day of Older Persons. Campaigners from the Red Por un Envejecimiento Digno (Decent Ageing Network) met much admired and well known Cardinal Archbishop Rodriguez who has lent his support to the campaign for older people's rights. The campaign focused on making hospitals more age friendly and called for the proper implementation of the social pension.

Campaigners take a well earned rest in the Dominican Republic

ADA - Ecuador

PASODEHU and REMPERMAE supported a delegation of older people ahead of their meeting with President of the National Congress, Fernando Cordero. After the meeting, Mr. Cordero announced that Older People's Associations would have access to the draft Older Person's Law, so that they could review the draft Bill before it was put into law.

An ADA delegation at the National Assembly

ADA - Peru

After year's of campaigning the dream of a non-contributory pension for people over 65 is now beginning to be realised. ANAMPER, IPEMIN, Pro Vida Peru all made a final push for ‘Pensión 65', organising hundreds on to the streets in Puno, Piura and Huancayo. At THE nacional Congress key members of Congress such as José Urquizo were met as President Ollanta Humala put Pensión 65' befote Congress. Implementation has now begun with 25,000 older people in 13 regions being the first to receive the pension.

Campaigner's for older people's rights in Peru make history as Pension 65 is put before Congress

ADA - Paraguay

Centro de Educación, Capacitación y Tecnología Campesina (the Centre for Education, Training and Rural Technology) supported over 120 older people as they formed delegations with 11 local municipalities in the regions of Caazapá and Itapúa. At the heart of the campaign was a call for the effective implementation of the social pension. In Caazapá, authorities addressed the concern and pledged to improbé access to the pension.

A delegation of older people before their meeting to demand better access to pensions.

ADA - Costa Rica

The Asociación Gerontológica Costarricense (the Costa Rican Gerontological Association) mobilised over 900 older people who led a march, ‘In Defence of the Right’s of Older People’, through the streets of San José. Older people raised their voices against discrimination and called for a Convention on the Rights of Older People. Next year Costa Rica will host a special convened session of the Organization of American States (OAS) where a regional Convention on the Right’s of Older People will be at the top of the agenda.

AGECO organised a march for older people's rights in Costa Rica

ADA - Jamaica

Older campaigners and representatives from 29 government agencies and NGOs gathered at the National Conference Centre in Kingston for a special ADA stakeholders event on 26 September.

ADA Jamaica: Campaigners gather in Kingston

ADA - Bangladesh

Campaigners brave the rain in Bangladesh to form a human chain organised by HelpAge affiliate, Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Art (BITA).

ADA BITA, human chain

ADA - Bangladesh

Older people on an ADA march organised by the Pidim Foundation in Bangladesh.

An ADA march organised by the Pidim Foundation

ADA - Netherlands

Cordaid joined forces with Resto van Haarte to deliver special ADA activities in Resto van Haarte cafes across the Netherlands. Here is one Dutch campaigner with his ADA message, reading 'more respect for older people'!

An ADA campaigner in the Netherlands.

ADA - Ethiopia

An ADA sticker takes pride of place on this taxi in Addis Ababa.

An ADA sticker on a taxi in Addis Ababa

ADA - Pakistan

Age Demands Action activities took place in Buner, Swat, Islamabad,Khyber Pakhton Khwa, Jalozai and many other regions of Pakistan, The campaign was supported by Merlin, Muslim Aid, Senior Citizens Foundation of Pakistan and included leafleting, a seminar, a conference on Disaster Risk Management, health and well being awareness activities and marches across the country. In three regions, campaigners met District Transport Officer to push for more age friendly public transport. Already one district has agreed to discounted fares for older people.

ADA in Pakistan

ADA - Slovenia

On Wednesday 5 October over 200 representatives from Older Pople's Associations across Slovenia gathered in Izola to discuss a range of ageing issues.

ADA campaigners in Izola, Slovenia.

ADA - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Age Demands Action leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina prepare for a meeting with the Minister for Human Rights and Refugees.

ADA campaigners in Bosnia and Herzegovina

ADA - United Kingdom

Members of the HelpAge International and Age UK teams took part  in a seven mile walk in Kent on Saturday, 1 October. Here they are proudly displaying their ADA messages!

HelpAge International and Age UK team members in Kent.

ADA - Haiti

First Lady, Sophia Martelly held a reception for ADA campaigners at the Palais National in Port au Prince, Haiti.

ADA at the Palais National, Haiti

ADA - occupied Palestinian territories

ADA Leader Abed Shehada, 74, leads a march through the streets of Hebron in the West Bank.

ADA in the West Bank

ADA - South Korea

Older people in South Korea took their ADA message to the central square outside Seoul Railway Station.

ADA South Korea

ADA - Ethiopia

Campaigners in Hawassa, Ethiopia march in support for private sector pensions before a meeting attended by the President.

ADA in Hawassa, Ethiopia

ADA - Vietnam

Representatives from 7 government ministries attended an ADA workshop in Vietnam, which focused on the need for more ‘inter-generational self-help’ groups. The picture shows a cultural display, which took place after the meeting.

Dances at an ADA event in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

ADA - Moldova

Older people dance to traditional Moldovan folk music infront of the Opera House in Chisinau. The concert followed the launch of a campaign encouraging people to send greeting cards to older friends and relatives. The Minister for Labour, Social Protection and the Family joined campaigners for the launch.

ADA celebrations in Chisinau, Moldova

ADA - Nepal

A march through Kathmandu was just one of many ADA events in Nepal this year. There was also street theatre, a meeting between ADA delegates and the President and a special ADA 'radio jingle' broadcast across the country.

Age Demands Action in Nepal

ADA - Sri Lanka

On the march in Sri Lanka: Older people from across the country marched in Colombo before attending an 'Elder's Day Ceremony'. ADA campaigners also met the Minister for Social Affairs who pledged to raise the issue of a social pension for those 65 and older with the President.

An ADAmarch in Sri Lanka, 1 October 2011

ADA - Kenya

Over 300 older people joined an Age Demands Action march in Nairobi. Th emarch converged on the City Hall where a delegation of ADA leaders met the Minister of Justice.

ADA march in Nairobi, 28 September 2011

ADA- Philippines

Hundreds took to the streets of Manilla at 6.30am to join the annual ADA 'walk-for-life' march.

Campaigners on the ADA 'walk-for-life' march in Manilla, Philippines

ADA - Philippines

"Madame Dinky get down from your thrown and look at the conditions of poor older people" reads the sign of one Age Demands Action campaigner in the Philippines. Hundreds marched through Manilla on 1 October to demand that the poorest older people are no longer excluded from a pension they are entitled to".

A campaign placard demanding that the poorest older people are included in the social pension.

ADA - Germany

On a sunny Saturday morning, Age Demands Action campaigners are joined by former Mayor of Berlin, Henning Scherf, 73.

HenningScherf, former Mayor of Berlin, 73, joins ADA Germany

ADA - Germany

The banner reads 'Celebrate grannnys' Click here for a German news clip on the day`s events.

Age Demands Action at the Brandenburg Gate

ADA - Germany

For the very first time, Age Demands Action took place in Germany. Campaigners of all ages were joined in front of the historic Brandenburg Gate by members of the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Age Demands Action campaign in Germany

ADA - Haiti

Campaigners in Haiti with posters calling for greater civic protection for older people ahead of their meeting with the Commissioner of Police.

ADA campaigners with civic protection posters in Haiti

ADA - Czech Republic

Campaigners of all ages take a well earned rest after completing the annual Solidarity Run to mark the start of ADA events in the Czech Republic.

Older people complete a solidarity run in Czech Republic.

ADA campaigners  - Albania

Thelleza Zacellari, 67, and Elena Janllari, 78, are campaigning in Albania where the Ministry for Social Affairs will be urged to push the Law on Ageing Bill into law.

ADA Albania campaigners hold a sign saying 'I don't want to be alone'

ADA campaigner  - Albania

Lulzim Mullahi, 70 from Tirana displays his message which reads: "Older people are the pride of a nation".

Lulzim Mullahi, 71, holds a sign saying

ADA campaigners - Serbia

These older activists hold a sign saying: "We call for social pensions to allow older people live with dignity." From 26 September to 11 October, messages championing the contributions older people make will adorn 40 buses in 10 cities across the country.

Age Demands Action campaigners in Serbia

ADA planning meeting - Serbia

Campaigners in Serbia have been planning a meeting with the Minister of Labour and Social Policy scheduled for 30 September.

Age Demands Action campaign meeting, Serbia

ADA planning meeting - Pakistan

27 Age Demands Action campaigners in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Pakistan met at their local District Coordinator's Office on 12 September to discuss plans for this year's campaign.

ADA planning meeting in Pakistan

Young ADA activists - UK

Campaigning for a better future can start at any age, as these two young UK activists prove.

A young ADA activist from the UK holds a sign saying her granny deserves a pension

A young ADA activist from the UK holds a sign saying One Day She Will Be Older Too

ADA activist - Slovenia

Marija Haban holds her ADA campaign message: ‘A rich society includes all generations'.

Slovenia ADA activist with sign 'A rich society includes all generations'

ADA planning meeting - Mozambique

ADA campaigners in Mozambique meet to plan their upcoming appointments with the country's First Lady, Maria da Luz Guebuza and the Prime Minister, Aires Ali.

The group members are holding up their index fingers to show their support for Article 1 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights - that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

ADA planning meeting in Mozambique

ADA activist - Jamaica

An older campaigner at a planning meeting sends her message to the Jamaican Government. Hundreds of campaigners around the world will be taking photos and sending their messages out on and around 1 October.

Age Demands Action activist Jamaica

ADA planning meeting - Jamaica

Campaigners in Jamaica meet to discuss their forthcoming meeting with the Minister of Labour and Social Security.

Age Demands Action planning meeting, Jamaica

Age Demands Action activist - Jamaica

Making a stand, a campaigner sends her message to her government.

Age Demands Action activist, Jamaica

Tree planting ceremony - Ethiopia

In Ethiopia 50 ADA campaigners worked alongside members of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to plant 300 seedlings at a tree-planting event. The Ministry's Director of Social Welfare Development, Mr Assefa Baleher, welcomed campaigners to the event which precedes Age Demands Action activities each year.

Age Demands Action tree planting ceremony, Ethiopia

ADA activist is interviewed on radio - Fiji

Mr Hassan Khan, the director of Fiji Council of Social Services (FCOSS), a HelpAge International affiliate, is interviewed on national radio to discuss plans for this year's ADA campaign.

Age Demands Action activist is interviewed on radio in Fiji

ADA planning meeting - Bangladesh

Campaigners at a meeting hosted by Resource Integration Centre, a HelpAge International affiliate, discuss the details of their appointment with the Ministry of Welfare.

Age Demands Action planning meeting, Bangladesh

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Evan Dakers

These photos are very inspiring, and will be shared with both executive and regular members of HelpAge Belize nine (9)branches. It is our intention to share photos from our ADA campaign 2011 with our HelpAge affiliates


Thank you for your comment. I am happy you like the pictures. There are many many more that we will be sharing on this website. If you have any from HelpAge Belize then please do send it our way.


Love the pictures - well done! Especially love the UK ones - so true and hit home emotionally straight away. Glad that things are going well - Henry (previous ADA coordinator) :)


Hello Henry! Thanks for viewing our web pages. I am so glad we are keeping the spirit going..over 56 countries across the world will be joining hands this year. Keep on reading..we got more exciting things coming!

Eunice Badoe

Being Old is a Blessing, not a Curse

Nilkamal C Shrestha

Such a lovely and important pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Romano Ojiambo-Ochieng

The older we get the better we know. Make use of our knowledge.

Phausta Paul

Nice pictures, it is time now we have to listen the older's demands


Thank you for your comments. Please keep on sending them!

adriano da silva rozendo

Very nice! Im professor from a federal university in Brazil, and I have been the coordenator of a project called 'university open to sennior citizens'. I have some students interesting in a interexchange to work with senniors in social and political areas. You guys could help me with some information about partnerships with universities with HelpAge international? Hugs, Adriano da Silva Rozendo Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso Mato Grosso Brazil

HelpAge International

Hi Adriano, thanks for your comment! I think partnerships with universities is a big project! We do work with some universities though like King's College London, UCL, Southampton University etc... The University of Vechta in Germany has an agreement with the Universidade Federal da Paraba and is also working with HelpAge Germany and HelpAge Affiliates in Tanzania. Hope that helps!

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