The #GreyAndGreen Manifesto

The climate crisis is the most pressing issue of our time and it affects us all, no matter our age. HelpAge recognises the impact that climate change has on older people and their communities, and the importance of addressing this issue in order to protect and improve their lives.

Working with network members and partners, HelpAge has been supporting older people affected by humanitarian emergencies, like natural disasters since the day the organisation was born. During times of crises and disasters, we make sure that the needs of older people are taken into account. Making sure older people get help when needed and can affect change is a big part of why we exist.
As the climate crisis intensifies, we pledge our commitment to continue to take action to confront this emergency.

Meet Javeria Afzal, our first dedicated Climate Change Advisor.

“I’m passionate about ensuring older people have a seat at the table and a voice in these debates, because there is so much to learn from them. My hope is that we unite as a network and use our strength in numbers to bring that knowledge and experience to the fore.”

The #GreyAndGreen Manifesto

The #GreyAndGreen Manifesto – available in EnglishArabicRussianSpanish.

With this Manifesto, we are committing to putting older people at the forefront of climate solutions.

Along with members of the HelpAge global network, we can unite and galvanise the thousands of older people who are among the great fighters and solvers of this crisis.

We can champion their unique abilities and vast experience and together, we can act as a catalyst for action for older people everywhere.

The #GreyAndGreen Consultation report

The consultation report is a roadmap of climate actions to help achieve the #GreyAndGreen manifesto priorities.

Grey and Green road map for climate actions

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