Rapid Needs Assessment of the effects of Myanmar’s military takeover of the government on older people

 _998_https://www.helpage.org/silo/images/rna-myanmar-coup-d-etatcaption_2285x3024.jpgThe military takeover of government on 1 February 2021, and the resulting violent crackdowns and restrictions imposed by the Myanmar armed forces, have severe socio-economic consequences on the population of Myanmar, especially for many older people and people with disabilities. The military takeover of government exacerbates inequalities that were the result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

HelpAge International in Myanmar conducted a multi-sector Rapid Needs Assessment with 76 older people to inform humanitarian, development, and peace-building actors of the consequences of the restrictions on older people at this time. Many people were forced to leave their workplace, obliged to continue living without a regular income, while fears rise about increase in terms of violence.

Donwload here the Rapid Needs Assessments for key findings on social protection, health and wellbeing.