Older informal workers in the COVID-19 crisis


HelpAge and WIEGO partnered to develop a study on ‘Older Informal Workers in the COVID-19 Crisis‘. The study analyses the impact of COVID-19 on the income and work patterns of older informal workers, and their access to relief measures.
When COVID-19 hit, older informal workers saw their earnings collapse and a much slower return to their pre-COVID-19 livelihoods than younger people.
The study took place with informal workers aged 60 and older in cities in Bulgaria (Pleven), Ghana (Accra), India (Ahmedabad, Delhi and Tiruppur), Mexico (Mexico City), Peru (Lima), Senegal (Dakar), South Africa (Durban), Tanzania (Dar es Salaam), Thailand (Bangkok) and USA (New York).
Download the report for key findings and policy recommendations.