Gender equality training toolkit

In line with our 2030 Strategy which commits us to achieving impact on the wellbeing, dignity and voice of older people in their diversity, HelpAge has developed a gender equality training toolkit to support the promotion of gender equality across the work of the HelpAge Global Network.

The toolkit consists of a training manual and accompanying handouts for HelpAge’s gender focal points to use for training colleagues, network members and partners. The learning pack is to be used by those trained for complementary distance learning.


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Training toolkit

The toolkit is designed for those trained to: reflect on perceptions of gender and other identities, across the life course and particularly in older age, and challenge unconscious bias; understand discrimination based on bias towards gender and other identities, particularly with regard to older people; understand why gender analysis is important in all development and humanitarian interventions; and learn how to carry out a gender analysis.


The gender quality training toolkit is comprising of a training manual, several handouts and a learning pack – downloadable separately below.

Training manual

The training manual and accompanying handouts are designed for HelpAge’s gender focal points to use for training colleagues, network members and partners to promote gender equality in their work.


The training manual is accompanied by 36 handouts providing tables, tools, case studies and diagrams to support the training sessions.

Learning pack

The learning pack is designed for HelpAge’s gender focal points, staff, network members, and partners to use for complementary distance learning on gender equality.