Partner-led Programming Strategy Manager

  • Closing date 25/06/2023

HelpAge is looking for a Partner-led Programming Strategy Manager. In this role, you will play a crucial role in driving the organisation’s shift towards partner-led programming (PLP). Your primary responsibility will be to guide, coordinate, and support the implementation of HelpAge’s PLP Ready Strategy and Roadmap. By providing strategic leadership, you will ensure that HelpAge brings value to its partnerships by mobilising resources, accompanying and skill sharing, and amplifying the voices of partners and older people.

You will work closely with internal teams, external stakeholders, and peer organisations to adapt the culture, practices, tools, and processes necessary for a successful partner-led program approach. Your strong project management and coordination skills will be instrumental in overseeing the Roadmap’s actions, supporting staff in their implementation, and facilitating regular communication with staff, supporting members, partners, and the network. Additionally, you will provide technical support and accompaniment on partnerships to key stakeholders and establish a feedback mechanism for network members and partners.

More information in the PDF below.

Download: JD Partner-led Programming Strategy Manager (PLP Strategy Manager)