Finance Business Partner (Humanitarian)

  • Closing date 14/07/2023

As a Humanitarian Finance Business Partner at HelpAge International, you will be responsible for developing and assessing donor-funded project proposals, managing donor contracts, and preparing financial reports. Collaborating with the Humanitarian team, you will assess the capacity of implementing partners and provide support to improve their financial management. Additionally, you will oversee financial progress reports, donor reports, project audits, and ensure compliance with financial policies.

Your expertise will contribute to enhancing HelpAge’s financial practices in areas such as commercial contracting, donor compliance, and financial policies. Strong experience in working with implementing partners in complex international settings, as well as proficiency in budgeting, financial reporting, and donor contract management, will be essential for success in this role. Fluency in English and Spanish, along with the ability and willingness to travel overseas, is required.

More information in the PDF below.

Download: Humanitarian-Finance-Business-Partner-JD