Muhmmad Salih, 75, Pakistan


Older People are the most neglected during natural calamities.

Muhmmad Salih (75) from Shahpur Jahania village in Shaheed Benazirabad district, is now living with his family in the open air as they couldn’t get to the shelter provided in the community school quickly enough, and it was already full. The mud-plastered home he shared with his wife and four children was completely destroyed by the heavy rains and his livestock were killed.

‘I would have moved to the school building which was declared a safe public place during floods. However, the small building is already full and cannot accommodate any more community members including my family', ‘I don’t have a house anymore; I am worried for my wife and daughters who need a shelter or a safer place’.

Muhmmad Salih
Depending solely on his children’s income who worked as the daily labourers, he could barely make ends meet even before the devastating rains and flood in his village. Now, he is desperate.
Access to basic shelter, food and household items is a real challenge.
HelpAge, through local partner HANDS, is supporting the district government to drain the water from important buildings such as hospitals and dispensaries. In addition, we distributing shelter and important household items to older people and their families.