#OlderNotOver Toolkit

We are so much more powerful when we work together.

That’s why we’d love for every single organisation in the HelpAge Global Network to show we’re #OlderNotOver.

Here’s everything that you need to be part of #OlderNotOver.

Social Media

Make some noise online! Come join the #OlderNotOver campaign online and help revolutionise the way older people are seen and treated. Here are a handful of social media posts and assets to inspire, educate and entertain that you can edit and amend to suit you.

Recruit a Champion

Let’s create a bank of older people with profile, power and personality to change how the world thinks about ageing.

Post a Show Real

It’s time to show what older people are REALLY like on social media.

Pin Up

A poster template for you to use / design / adapt and print off.

Below are some basic elements to introduce you to the campaign.

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Download your #OlderNotOver logos


#OlderNolOver logo


Logos are available in Arabic, English, French, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.



Download #OlderNotOver brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines are your logo’s best friend, keeping it looking sharp and trustworthy. They ensure that your logo always looks and feels the same, no matter where it appears.

Download our email signatures


Changing your email signature is an easy and surprisingly effective way to show you’re part of the #OlderNotOver global movement and encourage others to join you. You can use what we’ve created or change it to suit you by adding your own message and logo. 

Find some more options here.

#OlderNotOver key messages

We’re using #OlderNotOver to kickstart a global conversation about ageing penalties – the forfeits every single one of us pays as we age. These penalties affect all of us but few are as badly penalised as older people, especially women, in lower and middle income countries. We’d like to see an end to ageing penalties and as the campaign evolves, we’ll be calling on you to work with us to make it happen. 

Download the key messages in nine languages here:  

Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese and Ukrainian.

Join us in our global movement

We want to celebrate every individual and organisation that joins the #OlderNotOver campaign! If you’d like to be featured, simply sign up below. We will proudly showcase your logo and participation on a dedicated page.

Additionally, we’ll keep you informed whenever we update this page. You’ll receive all the resources you need to demonstrate to your country, community, and colleagues that ageing means being #OlderNotOver.

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