Older people in Latin America

Central America

Learn about HelpAge Network members in Central America.


HelpAge Belize

HelpAge Belize was established in 1984 as the National Committee on Ageing. In 1985, they changed their name to HelpAge Belize, when the organisation became a partner of HelpAge International.

HelpAge Belize works to empower older people by securing services and creating an environment that enables older to live dignified lives. They develop links between generations and assist older people who are living in poverty through Meals on Wheels and Food Package programmes.

HelpAge Belize also does advocacy work to ensure state agencies provide services to older people. These agencies include government departments, as well as statutory boards responsible for administering pensions to older people.

In 2011, HelpAge Belize used the ADA Campaign to lobby the Belize Social Security Board to expand the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHI) to reach older people in three new districts.

Costa Rica

Asociación Gerontológica Costarricense

Established in 1980, Asociación Gerontológica Costarricense (AGECO) works to improve the lives of older people and promote active ageing in Costa Rica.

The organisation strives for a Costa Rica without age discrimination, where older people can claim their rights and live in a safe society. AGECO promotes older people’s participation in society by encouraging older people, families and communities to integrate.

AGECO offers training to institutions, organisations and community groups on topics related to ageing. The aim is to promote new attitudes towards older people and ageing.

AGECO became a part of the HelpAge global network in 1990. Since then it has been an active member of the network and participates in a number of network events including Age Demands Action, regional meetings and the MIPPA +10 review.


Fundación Miguel Yamuni, aka Fundación Yamuni Tabush (FYT)

The Yamuni Tabush Foundation (FYT) was established in 2013 in Costa Rica, inspired by the vision of Mr. Miguel Yamuni and Mrs. Daisy Tabush. Our foundation is dedicated to two main areas: education and enhancing the quality of life for older adults.

Our mission is to transform the lives of students and older adults by providing access to opportunities for personal and professional development, aiming for a life of dignity. We believe in promoting quality education that fosters critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and emotional intelligence in every student. Additionally, we actively support healthy and active aging, recognizing the value and significant contributions of older adults in our society.

At FYT, we strive to make a positive impact on individuals and society, following the legacy of our founders and their commitment to social development in Costa Rica.


El Salvador

Asociación Alianza de Salvadoreños Retornados – ALSARE

ALSARE is an organization that integrates the returned migrant person into the dynamics and chores of community life, by providing them with the appropriate mechanisms for their due productive reintegration.

Cordes Foundation

Cordes Foundation is a not-for-profit NGO established in 1988 by rural communities in El Salvador to improve the living conditions and socioeconomic development of the country’s most vulnerable, including older people. It works on improving human rights, gender equality and environmental sustainability.

Cordes promotes the greater participation and social integration of older people, encouraging them to organise and influence policymaking at all levels of government. It works to improve healthcare and establish better programmes of social security and care for older people.

Cordes became a HelpAge global network member in 2013.




We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to preventing and assisting in emergencies and disasters. Since 2005, our mission has been to provide rescue, aid, and disaster prevention worldwide. As a humanitarian link for Jewish communities, we inspire and activate people to create a resilient and equitable world. Being CADENA means daring to change realities, breaking the status quo, and believing in a better world that we can all build together. We practice Tikkun Olam, which means not being indifferent to the suffering of others. It means taking joint responsibility for others during difficult times, viewing humankind as a single family, recognizing global challenges, and taking action. We also believe in harmony between humans and the environment. Our mission is to alleviate human suffering by reducing vulnerability, promoting prevention, and fostering inclusion.