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We have an inter-American convention protecting older people's rights, let's campaign to make it global

10 September 2018

"Human rights are the direct expression of human dignity. Each person across the whole population must be able to enjoy these rights simply for being a human being, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, nationality, socioeconomic status or educational Keep reading


International Women's Day: when does a woman's age become old?

07 March 2017

One 8 March a couple of years ago, on International Women's Day, my granddaughter Maria Fernanda gave me a flower. She caressed my head and said: "granny, today is the day for us, but since I am young and... Keep reading (3 Comments)


I want to know Colombia at peace

19 February 2016

Maria Tila Uribe, an active member of HelpAge International and tireless advocate for the rights of the older people in Colombia, has won the International Prize for Peace and Defence of Human Rights, awarded by the Colombian Press. Here... Keep reading


World Alzheimer's Day: Better care for people with dementia

20 September 2014

Today, I am in Tarija, Bolivia, where I forget about my job as the coordinator of the project "Forget me not: improving dementias care in Andean countries" and the fact that World Alzheimer's Day is Sunday. No, I am... Keep reading


HelpAge Bolivia: Celebrating four years of great achievements

14 April 2014

Last month HelpAge's office in Bolivia hosted an event to celebrate the achievements of four years of work in rights, income generation, health, climate change, emergencies, risk management, gender and migration. It was also an occasion to reveal our... Keep reading (1 Comment)

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